Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 4)

This is Part 4.

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. I now share my thoughts (intermingled with a fellow advocate or two) as to why the judicial system/government is failing abused children.

Article 2 (this one focuses on suicide – which the rate for children is increasing):

Article 3:

Article 4:

When I think about the articles above, only one can shake their head. Not only do I shake my head, but I also cry for the children who are neglected, abandoned and left for dead (whether physically, mentally or spiritually). As I am an abuse survivor, I believe there should be justice as well as mercy. I’ll explain as I go.

The first article about the mother cutting off her abuser’s genitals, I understand her frustration (not justifying her actions), but at the same time, she needed to know if what she believed was really true. It’s sad that the justice system is more than willing to punish anyone who takes the law into their hands, but at the same time, they will turn around and let the abuser to run rampant. It’s not all the justice system’s fault, a lot of the blame resides in the family structure.

The second article sends chills down my back. To see children so young die for whatever reason is an adult’s worst nightmare. What makes this story so chilling is this: the mother and aunt were home when the girls hung themselves. I mention my thoughts on that in the final paragraph.

The third article should make everybody cringe. A mother (as you see in the photo cheesing away) sexually abuses her children. We spend so much time focusing on the abuser and not caring for those who can’t defend themselves. And here’s the sad part of this article: she’s being held on 2 million dollars bond on the charges of sexual abuse of a child under 12 years old and child neglect. No offense: if it had been someone of color, the abuser would be immediately in jail on a life sentence (or even worse, if an abused child tries to protect him/herself, they would end up in jail and the abuser gets a slap on the wrist). And we wonder why we are in the shape we’re in.

The fourth article takes place in a different country, but it actually angers me to the core. Now this is really destroy something beautiful that God created, virginity and purity! For a mother to have children and sell them to sexual predators is a heinous crime. The infamous question I have to ask is this: are the children being prayed for, in counseling? Their innocence was robbed! As for the mother, who was being extremely selfish and devilish to rob these girls of their virginity for money, she needs mercy (because I have a gut feeling she was molested) and justice for she knew of the crime she did! Rhonda Walker (author of Healing The Rage Within says this): This is sad and I feel for the young girls. What goes through a mothers head to make the decision to prostitute her daughters? I mean her daughters are in her image...why does she hate herself so much and why does she hate her daughters? We know hurt people hurt people so I wonder if this was done to her. I wonder if this is her norm? I Hope and pray her daughters get the help they need and for the ones missing, I pray they are safe.

It’s like the judicial system/government want these children to die. In fact, the government should go on and say, since we don’t like what God has ordained (the family structure), let’s break down the family by first and foremost strip the child from the family and then we will do as we did in the Bible days, kill children at will. Pharaoh wanted Hebrew boys under 2 to be killed and Herod wanted babies under 2 to be killed.

I ask this question in my fictional memoir Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid: “And WHY, isn’t anything done to the parent or the abuser? How do we rectify this problem? Parents, you are to love and protect your children. Once you become a parent, it is no longer about what is convenient for YOU... you are now charged with caring for the life of your child until that child is able to care for him or herself. And one never stops being a parent, even until old age. So, what do we do? Say to the abused, “the Lord says to forgive and get over it?” That’s not an easy fix for someone who has suffered under the hands of the enemy who’s trying to kill them. To add insult to injury, no charges are brought up against the abusers who are in some cases even protected by other adults – and cursed is the victim. I’m not saying the victim should go on living life constantly as the victim, but in the midst of the abuse, why curse the victim?”

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 3)

This is Part 3.

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. I will come back to the three articles mentioned in Parts 1 & 2, but I want to bring up a different article because this is outside the U.S., but it still needs our attention. Underneath the link (please read this), my fellow advocate Jean Marie is going to share her thoughts about this article.

To me the most haunting part of this article is this.  "Police investigators say Zapata also forced her older daughters to drink alcohol and do drugs. Some ended up working as prostitutes and are missing, police said."

With January being Human Trafficking Prevention Month I think it is important to face the erie presence of Human Trafficking.  Human trafficking rings are so skilled that once a person disappears into the ring you only have a few days to find the trail, after that the trail goes cold.  This is like a ghost in the night, stealing our children.  Once they are gone they are gone, lost in an erie underworld where they could have been murdered early on, or they could live a lifetime lost in the underworld of perpetual sexual slavery.  

Another haunting part of this story is this "When Zapata was standing in front of the cameras Wednesday, one of the reporters shouted a question to her: "Did you prostitute your daughters?" She answered: "No, my darling."  When you watch the video Zapata first takes on the visual expression of being a victim herself.  Take away the news and the police, if you saw her crying like this, acting the victim, would you believe her, would you comfort her?   We have a natural tendency to want to comfort those who are crying.  Like most perpetrators she has learned to use emotions as a manipulation.  Then when questioned about her heinous acts she takes on the visual expression of a comforting mother.  In her best motherly voice she says to a complete stranger "No, my darling."  Take away the cameras and police once again, and watch this perpetrator feign motherly love towards her children.  Would we believe the emotional mask, as she once again uses emotion as a manipulation?

I applaud the young lady that finally was strong enough to stand up to this mother-monster.  She then had to run for her life and hide.  If the other victims believed there was a safe way out, there was a trustworthy person to report to, then they might not be missing today.
Jean Marie
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 2)

This is Part 2.

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. Meanwhile, I want to share three articles with you and hear what some of my fellow authors, fellow survivors & fellow advocates have to say as to why the judicial system/government is failing abused children.

Article 2 (this one focuses on suicide – which the rate for children is increasing):
Article 3:
Marlanda Yarber (fellow survivor) has this to say:
Article 1: I certainly understand the rage of this mother. Questions that comes to my mind after reading this article are : What caused this mother to believe that her child was abused? What made her determine this person to be the one who violated her child? This mother should have made a police report, she should have not participated in such drastic actions. She should have waited for an investigation from the authorities of law.
Article 2 : This is indeed a strange incident, almost unbelievable. The authorities need to thoroughly investigate this. How sad!
Article 3: There is clearly something wrong with anyone, especially a mother, that can provide such a monstrous smile, after being accused by her own child of such grotesque acts. The fact that she could be a possible drug user is irrelevant. Drugs only enhance the evil that is already inside. Drug use should never lessen accountability. These children need counseling immediately!
All of these are heartbreaking examples of how child abuse continues to plague society. Children often have no voice or do not know how to properly use it. For abused children, most without an advocate, out of sight, out of mind, justice for them slips through the legal system. Many adults, even within law enforcement, are untrained on how serious the effect of child sexual abuse is. Some adults continue believe the antiquated subliminal traditions of silence and inaction are acceptable. There are unfortunately still too many reasons are the legal system continues to fail children. Dialogue, training, accountability and proper punishment are the only things that will ever effectively combat child abuse and the effects of it.

Cassandra Rodgers has this to say (author of soon-to-be released Victory Cometh For You):
Article 1: Instead of this mother spending her time to kidnap this 18 year old to get revenge she should be trying to find help for her son. Although, I understand her pain and the pain her son is going though that does not make it right. On the other hand the police was not listening to her concerns and so she felt like she had to take matters into her own hands. I feel sad for her son because he is really the only victim in this. It hurts to see a family torn because of this horrible act of CSA. We can do our part by reporting abuse but the law must step up and do their duty. I've seen it happen time and time again an entire system of people parents, teacher, family, friends, police etc... fail to do what's right. The child goes ignored and forgotten and the abuse gets swept under the rug.
Article 2: The entire family is lying. I don't believe that a 5year old child went missing and then out of no where she was found in the living room hung to death. Everyone claim to have nothing to do with it, they are clearly lying and they need to be locked up. This is a classic case of shifting responsibility, adults not wanting to take responsibility for their child and for the abuse that they inflicted on her. They have the nerve to blame the 5 year old child for her own death. This is so disgusting.
Article 3: This is not uncommon especially in poverty stricken areas where drugs are rampant. Parents prostitute their children force their children to have sex with anyone to make a quick buck so that they can get their drugs. This is all too common, it happening right now as we speak. It makes me want to cry! I can't comment too much on this one it's just too scary.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 1)

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. Meanwhile, I want to share three articles with you and hear what some of my fellow authors, fellow survivors & fellow advocates have to say as to why the judicial system/government is failing abused children.

Article 2 (this one focuses on suicide – which the rate for children is increasing):
Article 3:
Rhonda Walker has this to say (she's the founder of Healing R.A.G.E. & the author of Healing The Rage Within):
Article one has me disturbed just for the fact that the story does not go into detail as to why the mother thought the man was abusing her son. Did the mother see something or did the child say something to alert her. Although we KNOW abuse happens, we also KNOW that false accusations also happen. I think before we outright accuse or harm someone...we must have the facts...evidence of abuse so to speak. If the abuse did happen, i commend the mother for defending her child..but we must have proof.
As for article 2, I'm also stumped because it seems to me that a child can not hang herself from a ceiling...not a 5yr old child. I think there is some foul play in this situation. From the neighbor the children were often left unsupervised so that leads me to think child neglect was in place. I think the police really needs to look at the adults that were left home.
Article 3 is just sickening and she needs serious jail time. she obviously has a drug problem and doing whatever to the children for money. sick!!
It saddens me to read stuff like this because the children are innocent and they are being harmed. Sadly the system does not get involved unless abuse is reported and oftentimes its not.

Lisa Wynn (fellow survivor) has this to say: 
After reading all 3 reports ... Imagine if SUDDENLY every child's untold hells were told by media. Imagine if SUDDENLY every adult survivor's voice was also amplified by the media. Do you think that would be enough to make it impossible for the world to continue to deny / remain unaware of how many people walking this earth are affected by child abuse? Do you think this would be enough to ensure that every abuser was identified and held accountable? I just don't know.

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Author Spotlight (Gail Moss)

I was privileged to meet this author in August at the African-American Author Expo. We share one thing in common, a love for poetry (and she shares one for this spotlight). Without further ado, this week's author spotlight (and kicking off 2014) is The Poetic Evangelist Gail Moss.

Gail Moss gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of seven. As a teenager, writing became Gail's outlet to express her emotions after the death of her mother. During difficult times, she found inspiration and motivation through the greatest words ever penned - the Holy Scriptures.  The Word of God continues to encourage and inspire her today, and in turn, she goes forth to encourage and inspire others.

The major themes of her written work and LIVE performances are: Worship, Praise, Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare.  Audiences, congregations, followers, and fans leave inspired, encouraged, and motivated after their encounter with The Poetic Evangelist. 

This Author, Artist, and Speaker enjoys using her gifts to share the love of God with others, and encouraging people from all walks of life.  It is her prayer that her work will draw people into an intimate relationship with God.
For more information, visit:

Here is a poem I wrote:

There’s A River of Life
Overflowing Within Me
I’m No Longer Lost
I Have A New Beginning
No Longer Afraid
No Longer Do I Worry
For I’ve Cast All My Cares
They’re His Now To Carry
There’s A Sweet Spice
To This New Life
For I’m More Than A Conqueror
I Triumph In Christ
With Faith and Expectancy
I Awake Each Morning
Because My Slate
He Has Wiped Clean
Christ Secured My Destiny
Now I’m Bursting with Blessings
For He Placed Me On
His Winning Team
No Need To Pinch Me
I'm Not Daydreaming
This Is Simply The Genesis
Of My New Beginning!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Philippians 3:13-14
Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why The AMCC Mentality Breaks The Heart of God

I’m going to close two lessons in this one blogpost. Last year (between January and April 2013) I did two lessons entitled “The AMCC” and “What Breaks The Heart of God.” I will respond to those who commented on some of those lessons which were actually attempting to attack me as being judgmental (especially The AMCC – Part 3: The Ostrich Syndrome) and add some closing remarks as to how the AMCC mentality breaks the heart of God.

For the benefit of those who don’t know what the AMCC stands for (which is an acronym I coined by the way) it stands for the American Middle Class Church. What makes this up? You see, in life, there are three classes of people and their economic state. You have the rich, the middle-class and the poor. I work in a system where the majority (if not all) would be classified as middle-class. There’s nothing wrong with that. Because of the pressures of the economy, what you find is that attitudes are based on what the economy is doing and not based on the word of God. In short: the middle-class in the workplace is simply, “what’s in it for me? And if it doesn’t involve me, my family, and clique, you will have to fend for yourself.” Now here’s the tragedy: we carry that same mentality over into the church world. If you have wealth, you’re frowned upon, and if you’re poor, you’re frowned upon as well. In the church world, you have many churches that you would probably call a middle class church. But because most of our demeanor has been protecting me, my family and my clique, that mentality carries over and we use that same principle when it comes to prayer, and if someone is in need. If you’re outside the circle, you’ll get help, but also be snickered behind your back (or they’ll internally gloat knowing that you need them). Heaven forbid someone outside a person’s circle is thinking about ending their life. The simple words “get over it” would be used. If they’re part of the clique, they’ll be showered with prayer and anything else that would show favoritism. If you speak out of this mentality or the schisms within the church that even look like this mentality, you’ll be called out as being cynical. Most people who cry “you are being cynical” are simply immune to it and are comfortable in this mentality. In this mentality, it’s real easy to become complacent and have your head stuck in the sand. It’s easy to identify someone in this church – example: you may have some that want to help others outside their AMCC wall (and that’s a good thing), but because they may feel trapped in the wall, they remain there and end up losing effectiveness because they don’t go down to their level. They’ll stay within those walls, and talk down to you when you don’t measure up to them. That’s not getting a full picture of where others outside your AMCC circle are.

Now, when I did the Ostrich Syndrome lesson, a comment was raised saying that I was being harsh with our church and was saying if he were to talk about the black church, that he was being prejudice (or something to that extent). Well, here’s my take on his response: yes, I am black but my blackness is not who I am. But yet and still, if it was a black church acting with an AMCC mentality, I would call it out as well (in fact, we’re worse when it comes to acting with that mentality to the point where we will sell each other out for $2 and a biscuit). The color of a church doesn’t matter to me. This is all about a mindset. When we’re selfish, we’re acting no different than the world. I believe many people have just gotten complacent in their comfortable seat in the pew (and their position in the church) and a lesson like the one we heard in church (and me agreeing with the lesson) just offended their personal beliefs. It’s as simple as that. So, because they were offended, they just took it out on me and not seeking the Lord to see if there is any validity to what I’m saying.

So, how does the AMCC mentality break the heart of God? Simply, we play favorites, we focus on people that are either of the same church, denomination, economic class, and not embracing everybody. When we excuse the sins of those in our circle and curse the sins of those outside the circle (whether it be denominational circle, clique, church circle, etc.), that shows we’re breaking the heart of God with our AMCC mentality. Another way the AMCC mentality breaks the heart of God: We keep secrets within the clique and refuse to share what’s public record to those outside the clique (example: I don’t like you so I won’t share, but you have to kiss up and get my favor in order for me to share what you’re supposed to know cause you’re part of the fellowship). That’s really partiality, and discriminatory. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty as the person sitting next to me in the pew. When we hear truth, but we close our minds to the validity because he’s outside of the clique; but we hear something that’s false or from an uncleansed vessel, but because he’s part of the clique, we embrace it. That’s having an AMCC mentality and it also breaks the heart of God.

I pray that you all were blessed by the series, I know this not a shouting type of lesson, but we’re in the last days and it’s time to reach a world that’s dying on our watch.