Monday, March 5, 2012

When It's Time To Perform (Will You Be Ready)?

I heard a saying and it goes like this (which provoked my thought for this post): for many of you reading this, your time of public revealing is coming faster than you have time for preparing. This is based out of 1 Samuel 16, which will be the theme for this post.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar, here’s the story in a brief nutshell. King Saul is being rejected as king, and Samuel was offering a sacrifice to the Lord in which Jesse was invited. Jesse called every son but David; however, the Lord said unto Samuel that every son but David was not chosen to be king. So, Samuel asked are there any more children? I’m sure Jesse really didn’t want to say this, but he did: “There’s David, but he’s tending to the sheep.” Samuel insisted that David come (even though David wasn’t dressed for the occasion like his brothers), and the Lord said, anoint him. His public revealing came faster than he had time to prepare for it. Now David didn’t take over as king immediately after he was anointed. He went back to the sheep and was called to play the harp for Saul. And after he defeated Goliath, he wasn’t made king yet (but God knew that David was the only one who could take Goliath out). It would take some time, and eventually he would become king (which actually took place in 2 Samuel). He was ready when it was time to perform as the king over Judah and Israel.

Here are a few points that need to be made. David was going to be king. He had a heart and desire for God – which is very critical. Every one of us has a unique assignment for the kingdom of God that can make a serious impact on those around us. We might think it’s minor and unimportant, but He sees it as critical and it must be done! Also understand the following, patience is a virtue. As mentioned above, David didn’t take over as king right after he was anointed. Ecclesiastes 3 says that everything has a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. So, we must wait on our appointed time to function in our assignment. You have a voice that when you sing, people are ministered to (or you know someone who has the voice of an angel, and when they sing, people are ministered to); you have a ministry of reconciliation, people will be ministered to when you speak; and the list goes on. There’s one more thing that needs to be mentioned. Don’t get discouraged or complacent while you are waiting – and yes, it will be hard sometimes. Stay close to the Shepherd and prepare patiently and in prayer (worshiping in your secret place, unnoticed by everyone around you) for your public revealing. The enemy will want you to cast away your confidence either because the process is taking to long in YOUR eyes or because YOU aren’t getting the glory.

Your assignment for the kingdom of God is needed (no matter how great or small it is). There are chains binding people that need to be broken. And God knows that your unique purpose can do it. If you’re like me, you’re saying no more! Chains have to be broken in the name of Jesus. Will you be ready to perform when it’s your time? Do you believe that we can change the world? And don’t think for one minute you won’t be challenged when you’re performing. You will be attacked by a Goliath of some sort, just know that I’ve got you covered in prayer and I ask that you cover me in prayer. Don’t back down to that Goliath, if God ordained you to that assignment, He will sustain you!

So in closing, I leave you with this question: when it’s time to perform in your unique assignment for the kingdom of God, will you be ready?