Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Control vs. Mental Illness

I'd like to start this with a clip from my novel Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid: There are so many people who are plagued with ADD, ADHD, PTSD, BPD, Bipolar and other mental disorders, and we steadily punish them for their mental differences and chemical imbalances ... Why are we only sympathetic if OUR child has a mental disorder? On the contrary, if you know someone else whose child has a mental disorder, they need a beating ... Somebody needs to hear them, or we as a country will continue to lose God-gifted people to the hands of death. Either abused victims will take their own lives, or they will become sadistic and take somebody else’s life. If we don’t discern their hearts and pray for them, these are the consequences that will be suffered among teenagers and among people who are dying.

Many people talk about gun control being the issue. I believe mental illness is the issue (and we want to do something about it after the fact). It’s time for us to get our heads out of the sand and be proactive in saving people (especially the next generation). Instead of cursing those with mental illness, they deserve love and respect just like we do. I personally believe the media is using “gun control” for political reasons. Seriously, guns don't hate or kill, people do. Gun control won’t solve the problem. Dealing with the root of mental illness (but more importantly sin) is how to deal with hatred! We can talk gun control all over the place, watch there be more homicides. Remember illegal business controls America. Something to think about.

My plea is for the mothers of America to not put a band-aid on this thing called mental illness. Parents look at that as an embarrassment (ruining the image of the mother). How do I know this? I have a mental illness and in therapy. Now, will my illness make me go out and kill someone? No! For some it might. Now when it comes to suicide, the possibility is greater & we struggle with that regularly. I pray that mothers of America stop living in denial when abuse is happening in your home and you actually know it. Back to suicide, when a person has a mental illness (and no one even bothers to look at it), it's no surprise if they become sadistic. Adding insult to injury, when we even think of suicide or actually proceed with it, we're looked at as outcasts.

In the AA community, mental illness is looked at as the “dirty or little black secret.” We can never see the truth if we stay in darkness. Sadly, we put stereotypes on people, every situation must be evaluated. Some would say if blacks murdered, they’re a criminal. If whites murdered, they have a mental illness. That stereotype is totally wrong. Every situation must be evaluated. If I were to murder someone, they wouldn't say I have a mental illness, but use the stigma that "I'm black!" Never mind the fact I have a mental illness. Every part of our bodies get sick, even the mind (I don’t care how holy you think you are, it gets sick like every other part of your body). Yes, we do have battles in the mind, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking help if you have a mental disorder. But for some of us, we’re so holy that we want to preach over their heads talking down to them like they ARE stupid. But if it was your child, you’d want everyone to stop what they were doing and help your child, pray for you and your child. That shows how selfish we are.

There are some who know people with mental illness, and you intentionally make them the poster child and talk down on them like they’re stupid. How dare you?

And there are some who say that the shooter should’ve just shot himself. Here’s my response: We as a country glorify death, provided we don't have to give up our own lives.

If you have a moment, I have a YouTube link on my wall (about abuse/mental illness), check it out.