Monday, March 21, 2011

Would You Curse God?

This was a lesson typed March 2007.

If you were to look at the first two chapters of Job, we could probably say that we all face the same experiences that Job does. Like Job, God is bragging about us when we are serving God and obeying what He tells us to do. And then there's Satan who wants to throw accusations about us to discredit how we are living. God tells Satan that you can do what you want to Job, but you can't kill him. So, Satan starts his tirades against Job, but Job didn't curse God. In the second chapter, Job's wife wants Job to curse God, but Job doesn't do it. Now, here's where this gets serious (some of you know who I'm really talking to). I know for some of you brothers, thought your only source of happiness is having sexual relations with women (at the expense of their feelings), and I know for some of you sisters, your source of happiness is having a relationship and/or marriage (at the expense of your own feelings). You see, as we live day to day, God has equipped you to do something and the devil is placing in your life things that will try to keep you as far away from His grace. Using my life as a example, I could've continued on the wrong path of life (for those who know my story). And that was what the devil wanted to do because that particular path is a grave sin to God . Is that a legitimate excuse to curse God? No, but that's what the devil wants. Now, the devil tempts you with things that are your greatest weakness, so that he can discredit your right standard with God. He wants to get you in a position where you can curse God, where God wants to walk through that fire with you (like He did with the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3). Yes, God knows what we're going to do, (if you were to read the final four chapters of Deuteronomy, you'll find that God through Moses said that the children of Israel were going to turn their backs on God after they crossed over to the promised land). And right after Joshua died, they turned their backs on God (in Judges 1-2). Now God didn't want that to happen, but the children of Israel's hearts were stubborn. Now, he knows what we're going to do, but the thing about it is this, God wants to build you up (if you will allow Him to), and the devil wants to keep you down and blame God for everything. Therefore, you start to live for yourself. Some of you might be blaming or cursing God because you're a single parent, or because you can't find a mate. God wants to be your mate, and that Father to you and your child. Some of you might be blaming or cursing God because you are bound up in a situation, God said that we are more than conquerors through Him that loves us (Romans 8:37). So, look at your current situation, or better yet, look at everything you've been through in your life. Would you curse God?  Are you really going to agree with Job's wife and have the audacity to curse God and die? All things work for good according to His purpose. Back to my story, he took my story to help other people be set free and realized they don't have to be bound by their pass and they press for the mark of the high calling of God in Christ (Philippians 3:13). So, if you are blaming God, or better yet cursing God for your current situation, know that you're falling for the trap of Satan. God would never leave you alone. He loves you too much to let you go. It's my prayer that you know the love of God is real, and will wrap your wounded heart and spirit in a bandage of His love. Trust it in faith, and go on in Jesus' name.