Monday, March 31, 2014

Author Spotlight (Takisha Perry)

I met this author back in 2013 at the Augusta Literary Festival. Much to my surprise, we had a few things in common. Not only is she a fellow author, she’s a fellow poet and we went to the same school in Germany. Talk about a small world. Anyway, she’s Augusta, Georgia’s very own, Takisha Perry.

Takisha Perry published her first book titled “When She-Motions hit the page” a book of poetry through Author house publishing in 2008. Since then she has had book-signings at multiple venues including: The CNN Center in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Barnes and Noble, AAFES on Ft. Gordon, and Paine College just to name a few. Takisha has also been a featured guest on multiple radio stations, online& entertainment programs and countless literary articles; to include A COVER STORY in the rapidly growing publication titled Urban Pro Weekly.

Additionally Takisha has published books titled Woman's Heart Journey and Out of the mouth of babes, Truth Speaketh both insightful works of literature. Ms. Perry is elated with her Inspiring Literary Group “For PASSION Authors” where she is the Founder and President of the organization. Additional information about Stage Productions Takisha is involved with, Past Online Collaboration Ventures, Updated 2014-2015 For Passion Authors Touring Dates and Community Involvement projects can be found on Ms. Perry’s website

Some Past Projects Include

“Excuse Me Miss” – Production December 2008
“I am sorry Momma” –Production May 2009
MT Talk Show - Online
Kisha's Korner - Online
College Daze Season 3 & Season 4 – 2008-2011
College Daze After Show – 2008-2011

For Passion Book Tour 2008-2013

Acting - Brown Productions  2013; Movie Production 2014

Takisha Perry
Author, Talk Show Host, Actor & Spoken Word Artist
(706) 829-2289