Monday, September 16, 2013

Eviction Notice

This was dropped on my spirit at 12:30pm today.

There are some people who just need to be evicted from your life. What am I talking about? I will be talking about groups that might need an eviction notice.
1. The first group involves people who are intentionally draining you with meaningless conversations (not edifying you, but focused on the other person and them not having an important need).
2. The second group involves people who feel as if you don't exist provided you bring your stature to the relationship (whether business or personal) and provided that your money & time will better their lifestyle.
3. The third group is most lethal: this group consists of self-lovers. Their world revolves around them, you must bow down to them or they will drown you to save themselves. No sacrifice is required for this group.
4. The fourth group is the most hurtful. This group wants you to cater to them, but won't think twice to cater to you when you're going through. Sure, all we need is God, but is every man or woman on an island of their own?
5. The fifth group is the most laughable. This group involves people who love to brag about what they have going for them (along with their elite circle), and don't have any time who are actually needing a hand up instead of a hand out. They're laughable because the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
6. The sixth & final group for this blog is the depressing group: this group involves people who want to sap your resources (time, money, energy) for the benefit of them and not pouring into your life when you need it most. They will find every excuse in the book and take advantage of your generosity.

You have now been served!

The Mayne Man