Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So It's Rape Only If A Woman Remembers?

It has been brought to my attention that my fellow rape survivors have been offended. When one is offended, all are offended. So according to Cee-Lo Green, it's only rape if you remember it? Well, on behalf of us sexual abuse & rape survivors, so if we were drugged up by you and forced to have sexual intercourse with you, that's consensual? And another question (on behalf of the countless women who have been raped and ended up pregnant): do you expect a woman not to remember if she was raped when she finds out a few months from the moment you raped her that she is pregnant? 

It sounds like to me that Cee-Lo Green has never met anyone who has experienced rape. Oh wait, he is the one who raped someone. And to make matters worse, he tried to define in his own way of what rape and sexual assault is. That's just as bad as having a pedophile define what is child abuse and what's not. 

Now let's add insult to injury, our wonderful judicial system (controlled by the White House - yes, I said it) sentences him to three years of (get this) PROBATION after slipping a woman ecstasy without her consent in 2012. So while he was a judge in The Voice, he was raping women. 

On behalf of us who have been raped (including those who were date raped) and sexually abused, what justice is there when the abuser and rapists gets a slap on the wrist and is free to walk the streets and harm more people and/or possibly kill them? I guess until it hits their home, they could care less. 

Now I understand that the world loves its own, but how can we continue to put people like this on a pedestal when they're not worthy of such honor (believe me, no human is worth it). And why should a man who earnestly believes that women who have been raped (regardless of the type) will remember their assault. 

Before I forget, here's the full-link to the article.

Now let's take this rape issue further. If you're living in the U.S. and you're reading this, don't think it's not happening elsewhere. Check this out: Sharia law is creeping in and in Islam it is a woman's fault if she is raped and she can be killed. It is only the man's fault if he admits it. Now one can only wonder why so many sick men are joining Islam?

So I ask everybody around the world, who is protecting the women and the children? 

My editor Shantae Charles believes that we need more men stepping to the forefront and condemning rape culture. And you know what, it's an honor to condemn the rape culture. As I am a sexual abuse survivor, I have no problems using my voice to sound the alarm about this.

In closing: I have a few parting words. First of all, Cee-Lo Green owes every woman (especially those who were date raped) an apology. There are countless women who have been raped and abused. As a result, they feel like they have no hope and some are cutting to ease the pain. Now don't be alarmed if his apology is not sincere, but if it is, glory to God. 

Second of all, Cee-Lo needs to understand that the woman he raped is someone's daughter, sister, or mother. He needs to go through a class where he sits and listens to stories of women who survived their rape (even at the point of their lives threatened).

Thirdly, Cee-Lo is no different than many of the Hip Hop artists who feel that women are nothing more than objects of pleasure. They will never be able to appreciate the beauty of what God placed in front of them.

As a man, I boldly declare this: we as men are going to be held accountable for the way we treat you  ladies. You are special, you are loved and you are a helpmate (and most definitely not a playmate)! A judicial system who neglects women and children will bring judgment among a city (if not a country). It's time for us ordinary people to get our heads out of the sand and raise our voices for those who are too weak to fight.

I'll stop here. Enjoy your day or evening where you are.


The Mayne Man