Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Forgive Me List

This list (near the bottom) is an excerpt from my first book (Take It From Me). I'm typing this because I'm hearing & seeing comments from people (women specifically) that ALL men have evil plans for women, as well as men always hope for something more in a woman - meaning, men don't want to be JUST friends (according to Steve Harvey's new book).  I try to be a good friend (without wanting anything in return), but I always take a bullet for something I didn't do (and then I hear, "you haven't met the right one" or "you'll make a great husband" - in other words, it's my fault). In return, the same ones who issue the bullet still fall for the men who actually have evil plans for women. Don't worry, I'll type more on that in my up & coming book. With that said, here's part of my forigve me list.

Forgive me for not having gold and/or brass teeth
Forgive me for not calling sisters B's & W's
Forgive me for not being a great singer like R. Kelly
Forgive me for not being good looking like 50 Cent
Forgive me for not wanting to have sex before marriage
Forgive me for not being a father of numerous children
Forgive me for not pimping you like a hot commodity

And with that said, what do I have to offer you (and I've yet to find a woman who can answer this question)?

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog

Yes, it's official. The Mayne Man has a new blog. Feel free to share with others, and I look forward to this new venture (and to your comments - the good, bad & ugly). I told you all, 2011 is the year of big moves! God bless.