Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spiritually Drained

As I look at my life and the lives of some of my brothers & sisters in the body of Christ, I can imagine there are times when we’re spiritually drained. Yes, we have Jesus in our hearts and lives, but what I’m referring to is more along the lines of when you’re encouraging someone in the faith (whether it be to go on with a dream, a career, and even their lives – such as divorce, thoughts of suicide, turning back to the world, etc.) or having to be strong for someone which typically includes you having to pray/intercede or fast for others (especially if they’re contemplating/attempting suicide or wanting to be sucked into the trap of the devil), that you can be drained spiritually and need to be fed and prayed for from somebody. Also, when you’re drained spiritually, the devil will typically come in an wreak havoc in an area of you life that’s either your weak point or an area that you neglected in your life. I’m sure some people have this kind of ministry; but one of two things can prevent us from being spiritually drained:
  1. Swallow your pride – this typically occurs when you have this image that I’m to be a support and no one is to see my true feelings or the need that I’m drained. So we put on a false face to show that you’re not broken inside and need help. I try to encourage people to be real with me. The last thing I want to do is see someone so strong on the outside, where you’re really dying inside.
  2. Believers putting down their selfishness – this occurs when people who are spiritually drained needing a brother/sister to pray and they turn you away because you’re too negative or their own pride.
In summary: A reason why we may not come alongside those who are trying save a life (whether physically, mentally or spiritually) is because of selfishness, or jealousy. Understand that most people who have ministries like this have gone through hell in their past or even their current. This is why they need to be covered in prayer. It’s one thing to be sensitive to the needs of others and trying to keep them encouraged, and at the same time you’re also being attacked in multiple ways (especially when you’re doing a work for the Kingdom of God – as you’re a co-laborer with Him). We should be able to come alongside anyone that have ministries that powerful and keep them encouraged with the Word of God. No one man is an island or has all the answers. Drop your pride and be prayed for, or don’t be neglecting your brothers or sisters because you’re so focused on your blessing.