Monday, February 21, 2011

What The World Needs Now

I was trying to decide what to write for this blog, but I was watching a DVD and this title came to mind.  After thinking about the title, I thought this would be great to write about. Some of you might remember this classic song, “What The World Needs Now Is Love.” If the truth be told, this is exactly what’s needed right now. The way this world is going, it’s causing a lot of people to show their true colors, and become downright selfish. While in this selfish state, we still want to fulfill our dreams, and get rich without thinking about the next man who also has a God-given purpose. We even OK personality discrimination by loving only our friends, or simply saying things like this: “we’re sinful people, and that’s going to happen (in short, get over it).”A lot of principles we’ve learned during our childhood have been sold out for the love of money and self. 
I still believe in what I’ve learned about love. C.S. Lewis talks about four loves which I won’t belabor in this lesson.  Many of you know me and that I would give up my life for you as well as do anything for you without wanting anything in return. I’m not saying this to brag, but this is what real love is. Anyway, I still believe when you love someone without expecting anything in return, you want people to succeed around you, you will encourage other people (and even assist) in implementing their idea, start a business, or whatever they’re purposed to do – and there are no strings attached (a perfect example of a string attached is “what’s in it for me?”). One well known motivational speaker said it best, “To get what you want, help enough other people get what they want first.” I’ve seen it so true in my own life.
I take this time to thank those who’ve mentored me and assisted me in fulfilling my purpose. Whoever you are, I want to assist in fulfilling your purpose. I would even to take that a step further and say this; my greatest blessing from God is meeting all of you and God allowing us to cross-paths. You all have imparted something into my life and I love you greatly.