Monday, December 9, 2013

Author Spotlight (Trinisa Pitts)

I met this author in September 2013 at the UBAWA Book Fair (held in Atlanta). I went to her table and asked her what her book  is and her response was a testimony of overcoming multiple addictions. It's definitely a privilege to present to you all this week's author spotlight, Sister & fellow author Trinisa Pitts.

Electrifying audiences and inspiring dramatic life changes, author and motivational speaker Trinisa Pitts helps those struggling with overwhelming challenges in life by sharing her personal testimony of overcoming addiction, abuse and heartache to embrace a life filled with forgiveness, purpose and The Divine. Trinisa empowers her audiences with the tools to fearlessly face adversity.

Trinisa is a native of Syracuse, NY, and started her journey of true and diligent healing several years ago when she decided to let go and let GOD guide her path. She has since authored two works, The Essence of Me, Life After the Pain and Trinisa’s 365Day Daily Inspirations.  She has also contributed to three other book collaborations, Chronicles of a Walk with Christ, the Amazon Best-Seller, A Letter to My Mother: A Daughter’s Perspective, and When Sister’s Pray.

Trinisa loves motivating others to move forward and uses social media platforms as a tool to do so.  She is an Independent Columnist, and a Poet. She has written articles for the local Scotsman Newspaper in Syracuse, NY. She is a regular contributor to The Business 101 Magazine which publishes her articles under T-Inspires and her Poetry in the Poet’s Corner.  She has been featured on numerous Blog Talk radio shows, and contributes her literary work in many online magazines to include In addition to all of her writing accomplishments, Trinisa ran in her first Woman’s 5k race in September 2012. This is to show her audience that ALL things are possible if you are determined to reach your goals.