Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Author Spotlight (Laquanda Everett)

I was privileged to meet this author at the BWABC Literacy Festival (in Memphis, TN) in September 2012. It's sad that it took this event for us to meet considering we live in the same state and we're 4.5 hours away from each other (smile). Having said that, show some love to my sister & fellow author Laquanda Everett.

Author Laquanda Everett is an Evangelist, mother of four, and the author of the bestselling novel Forbidden Love" A Spiritual Woman's Battle To Love A Worldly Man." She was born in a small town called Bradenton, Florida. It was at Bradenton where Laquanda would graduate from Southeast High School. She went on to earn her license in nursing, homehealth, and a degree in medical administration. Laquanda is currently attending Phoenix University for her bachelor's in medical administration. The voice of God called her to Evangelize and minister the word of God. This is where she was appointed as a board member of the Justice Ministry Faith Action for Strength Together (FAST). The FAST organization advocates and finds solutions to community issues. She’s currently following God’s vision that she would teach, preach, and touch lives from many cultures. As a result, Laquanda began to write Christian Fiction that would light a fire in believers and unbelievers. These novels by a stroke of a pen would go on to bring repentance, deliverance, healing and closer desire to walk with God.