Monday, April 4, 2011

Freeloading (Part 1)

What’s your typical definition of freeloading? In most cases we think about freeloading friends or homeless people who stand on corners with a sign (I’ll talk about the latter in Part 2), but let’s look at it in other ways.

There’s a bible verse that says that the poor will always be among you. In fact, there’s another verse that says the soul of the sluggard desires but has nothing.

Think about this? Person #1 is a hard worker that’s not able to modify a loan on the house (irrespective if the house is under water) and only miss one payment, this person will be evicted from their home. However, if person #2 is willfully not paying their mortgage, they’re able to stay in the house – irrespective of the fact that person #2 signed a legal contract to pay for the house. Here’s an additional thing the second person can do that the first can’t do: they will also complain that they’re not receiving more benefits from others. What happens? We blame the bank and say they evil.

Now here’s my thought on that: if the bank offers you something and you know it’s not in the best interest for you, it does NOT mean that you should take it (if you know well enough you can’t afford it). This is common sense we’re talking about. 

Is there any wonder that freeloaders seem to be more needy than the diligent? Think about this, when freeloaders get a handout in some shape, form or passion, they are never satisfied. In fact, they are coveting (which is actually breaking the tenth Commandment). I can take that a step further, those who are diligent and struggle to make it are far better off than those who take the handout (in fact, people who don’t take a handout come out far better than those who take the handout). Now how many would classify freeloaders as enablers? If we enable them to freeload, then they see no need to be diligent and work with their two hands.

There are freeloaders in church also. They pray to God for health and wealth, but then they turn around and poison their bodies, and not making wise decisions with their finances. Or another group is they pray to God for health and wealth, but yet, they don’t want to work and still want the latest hook-ups. Then they turn around and complain to God, why aren’t you blessing me (they’re really saying, God, why aren’t you satisfying my greed)?

There are freeloaders in interest groups.  Their sole purpose is to seek benefit for themselves and is solely in competition with others. It’s every man for himself or every woman for herself.  Most diligent people are blessing others and will celebrate another person’s success in the group. I’m involved in an author’s group, and we’re all about keeping each other accountable and ensuring that we pursue our passions, dreams and that our talents don’t go to waste (and we encourage others to do the same without a selfish motive).

One way to solve the freeloading problem is to put more energy into our ideas and passions, the same way we put our energy into complaining and blaming. Also remember, what may be free to you will always be at the expense of something or someone else.