Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review of Take It From Him

This review was written by my brother & fellow author, Davis Prime.

Ok, Men: when was the last time you picked up a book of poetry? If you’re like me, it may have been quite some time, but I highly recommend you change those ingrained habits and get Tremayne Moore’s new book, Take It from Him. Frank, and insightful, Mr. Moore bares his soul in such a way that other men can benefit from his life experience, while at the same time, giving women a clear vision for the male enigma. It’s no easy task, but within the pages of his latest release, he pulls no punches, dealing with the issues of men: whether it be determination, fatigue, love, fear, or even perversion. While some poems speak directly to the black male experience, the issues he addresses and gives voice to are shared by all mankind. Tremayne is obviously a man of faith, and as such, his beliefs shine forth, in poems like My Mind on the Word. This book reaches lofty places and it can take you with it because the author permits a level of transparency and vulnerability, exhibiting both his strength and humility. Here is a book that suits itself to the busy day-to-day lifestyle of men and women. It does not demand that you consume it in one sitting, or even several. Instead, it can be sipped and digested at leisure, alone, or in a group setting. You can find a quiet spot, sit down, and read one or many of its gems; it doesn’t matter. As for me, I think the combination of a cool sunrise, a cup of coffee, a chair on the porch and this book might just prove an unbeatable combination.