Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tremayne's Book Release Party (June 18, 2011)

Happy Thursday everyone:

Don’t forget that on June 18th, I will be having a virtual online release party for the release of my third poetry book, Take It From Him (For Men of Standard & The Women Who Love Them). This party will take place on three sites:

My personal Facebook page (I created an event, and if you attend, I’ll invite you to a live chat whwith me and possibly a few authors will participate).
My fan page on Facebook (there will be discussion topics brought up by fellow authors & yours truly)

I did it this way to give everyone three different options to join in. The unique thing about this party is that you can drop in for a minute or two and leave. There will be multiple giveaways (and a major giveaway near the end), but you’ve got to stop on by any one of my sites. We will be discussing my new release and there will even be a discussion of my prior books. Don’t forget you can preview them on my website (and click on published books).

If you or your friends purchase my Take It From Him between now & June 17th, you will get a free copy of my debut book Take It From Me (some will qualify to get in place of my debut book my second book Take It From Her). Just go to my website and purchase (all books purchased there will be autographed).

Spread the word, more details will follow.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What The Future Holds (Part 2)

I’m reading off & on a book called Unfair Advantage (released at the end of March 2011), and it brought up some very good points:
This is what’s happening in 2011:
  1. Kids still go to school, learning nothing about money
  2. Kids still come out of school looking for a job, anxious to get married, buy a home, and raise a family
  3. The national debt is out of control, and foreclosures take homes from millions of homeowners
  4. Our wealth is being robbed via higher taxes to pay for this debt, debt that goes to the rich
  5. Kids who find jobs are only too happy to have taxes taken from their paychecks before they get paid
  6. Kids are only too happy to have money deducted from their paychecks with the illusion they’re investing for their retirement
  7. Legislation is now being passed making it legal to take a larger percentage of your wealth when you die.
He continues with these facts: This is why we’ve seen a second tea party in America.
This is what’s happened in 2010:
  1. A new tea party movement protested America’s taxation of Americans.
  2. The British government announced that 500,000 government workers will lose their jobs. Those on welfare will see their benefits cut.
  3. There were riots in the streets of Paris as the French protested against increasing the retirement age from 60-62
  4. Japan, a nation with a great education system that produces hard working people who save a large percentage of their money, is the biggest debtor nation of the world with their debt at 200% of GDP (gross domestic product)
  5. China & Russia, once our mortal enemies, traded not in US dollars, but in their respective currencies (the yuan and the ruble).

This is no different than a banker refusing to lend money to a person with a poor credit score. What does this all mean? It means the party’s over and the sleigh ride has stopped. It’s also horrible news if you’re someone who wants the government to take care of you (if you’re living that way, you are the problem). If you’re expecting the government to solve your problems, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! The problem is that the governments of the world are broke. Now there’s nothing wrong with having socialist ideas, we need people who care about others. But when you believe in a “free lunch,” that now becomes greed! There are greedy people on both sides of the spectrum. Always remember, a wise person focuses does more with less therefore bringing products at better prices (from an environmental perspective, prices come down as productivity goes up).

Now there are some people who are so focused on their political agenda, playing the race card to get their way, even at the cost of their spiritual life. Not to worry, if you’re focused on anything but God, remember that you can’t serve two masters. So, if you want to continue to focus on anything but God, your wish will be granted but it will cost you your spiritual life in the end. Another problem that occurs in the church world is we have a habit of linking political leaders to the devil (when they really are commissioned by God) or saying they are chosen by God (when they’re doing everything wrong). I say to that, we need to pray regardless of who’s in office (not our will for once, but for God’s Kingdom to be done). My greatest concern is that some people see what they want to see because their flesh, not their spirit, wants to be satisfied. We need to pray for the truth to be revealed across this land. It’s a tragedy when you’re so rooted into a Presidency that it takes over your spiritual beliefs. We need to pray for the office, irrespective of who’s in it.

I want to encourage you to not lose sight of what’s to come in the future. Now is not the time to rest because your death or the day of the Lord hasn’t arrived yet. We will face adversity, let it come. We need to stop rebuking adversity. There’s a saying: gold without fire can’t become pure gold. The problem is we don’t want to go through the hard place. We want our way now, like Burger King. My editor has told me at times (and I’m thankful for that), to go through my hard places, because they will make me stronger. Now I truly see it being a writer, some good writing can come from the hard place. While we are here on earth, the righteous might be stomped on like a roach (and never get the justice they rightfully deserve), but God said the righteous will never be forsaken. This may not happen while you’re here on earth, you will go through hell at times, but God will give you peace when your spirit is with Him. Be on your guard at all times, because there will be no peace until Jesus cracks the sky. Read any one of these passages: Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21. As I think about it even further, within those passages, you’ll find where it says (and I’m paraphrasing): no man will know when the Lord will return. There’s a looney toon out there who first said May 21, now he’s saying October 21. Here’s the travesty, many people will believe him and the looney toon will make a profit. This is what you call “fleecing the flock.” Anyway, keep your eyes set on the heavenly call and you won’t go wrong!