Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tremayne's Book Release Party (June 18, 2011)

Happy Thursday everyone:

Don’t forget that on June 18th, I will be having a virtual online release party for the release of my third poetry book, Take It From Him (For Men of Standard & The Women Who Love Them). This party will take place on three sites:

My personal Facebook page (I created an event, and if you attend, I’ll invite you to a live chat whwith me and possibly a few authors will participate).
My fan page on Facebook (there will be discussion topics brought up by fellow authors & yours truly)

I did it this way to give everyone three different options to join in. The unique thing about this party is that you can drop in for a minute or two and leave. There will be multiple giveaways (and a major giveaway near the end), but you’ve got to stop on by any one of my sites. We will be discussing my new release and there will even be a discussion of my prior books. Don’t forget you can preview them on my website (and click on published books).

If you or your friends purchase my Take It From Him between now & June 17th, you will get a free copy of my debut book Take It From Me (some will qualify to get in place of my debut book my second book Take It From Her). Just go to my website and purchase (all books purchased there will be autographed).

Spread the word, more details will follow.

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