Monday, June 13, 2011

Who's Really Greedy?

Many people will say that the rich are greedy? And some will say that the poor are greedy? My response is both are guilty of being greedy!

Let’s talk about a couple of things. I said to myself in 2010, when the healthcare bill passed (note that I was neutral to it), why should I work? Somebody else can pay for it and I don’t have to work. Now, who’s really greedy?

It’s been said that the rich need to give more! People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. But you’ll never hear people say that Russell Simmons & P. Diddy need to give more. Why is that? Note that all of the above mentioned names actually have charities & foundations, but I guess the real complaint is that the money is not in YOUR hands. Now, who’s really greedy (and is the race card being thrown as well)?

Many people say there’s a class war. Here’s a question: are we blaming the rich because they are rich and you’re not?

Now don’t give me wrong, you can’t totally blame the rich for being rich, because the government (under all administrations) is helping the rich stay rich. Instead of complaining and blaming both, learn the rules to make yourself better. God can bless you with talents that will bless your life. Now what’s so hard with fulfilling your talent? Are you just too lazy to get off your behind and work towards your dream/goal/vision, whatever? It would be a tragedy to hear Jesus ask of you when you’re at the Judgment Seat, “why did you bury your talent?” With that said, you have something deep inside of you that will benefit not only you, but your realm of influence. So I ask you, are you going to continue to bury it due to fear? Are you burying it for fear of actually seeing a reality you’ve never seen before (that’s actually positive)?

It’s recorded in Scripture that the poor will be among you, and it also says (in 2 Thessalonians 3:12 – you don’t work, you don’t eat).

What I just said might have been a little off subject, but it still fit the topic.

Unfortunately, there will always be greedy rich people in this world. There will also be greedy poor people by choice. This is because they don’t want to work or they just simply want their mouths fed by someone else (even though they’re adults). It’s easy for them to be fed a fish than to learn how to fish and what it does it creates a constant cycle of greed.

Here’s something else to think about: on one show Oprah gave everyone in her audience a brand new car. Now her critics took that and said she was trying to buy popularity. Now some took it to mean that she had tremendous wealth and wanted to share it (I agree with that). Genuine rich people are generous because they know it’s not all about them. The critics got mad simply because of what I said above. If the car were given to all of her critics, they wouldn’t have been upset. But this proves my theory that they are just greedy (and are probably poor people). But here’s what I find interesting: when you have greedy poor people, they will never be satisfied. When you have greedy rich people, you have some ugly & cocky attitudes. Either way, greedy people are just downright selfish people (just like we all are when you think about it). On some level, we all are greedy people. But we have to suppress that ugly spirit of greed & selfishness.

In closing: Focus on your purpose while you’re here on earth and don’t worry about greedy rich or poor people. It would be a waste of a life if you spent it complaining and blaming because you’re not rich or guilty corrupt rich people are living the glamorous life and you’re not!


  1. Wow! All I can say! Thought provoking and worthy of serious consideration and change in our behaviors and attitudes.

  2. This article was eloquently spoken, and it demands self evaluation. Thanks for sharing!