Saturday, June 18, 2011

Virtual Online Launch Party

Welcome to my Virtual Launch Party for Take It From Him!

Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your busy day to read this.

I hear you have questions for me! Fire away with them! Here’s how you can participate. You can write a comment and I’ll respond.

Question #1: Why am I having a virtual book launch party?

That’s a great question. Because not everyone is located in Tallahassee, FL; this gives everybody a chance to participate in this party.

And because bookstores don’t want to carry a local author’s book (even though it has the potential to be a bestseller and it’s on their website), I want to let you all partake in some giveaways and be able to purchase autographed copies. Here’s the beauty of it all, it’s available as an e-book as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website. If you purchase any of my books on my website (, each one will be autographed. Oh, if you purchase Take It From Him, you will receive (just for today) one of my other books for free – just preview them and inbox me which one you want.

With all of that said, I would like to celebrate this day with my friends, family and all of my avid readers with this virtual launch party.

Question #2: Tell me about this book?

Well, Take It From Him is a look into the mind of men. There are things that we men go through that a lot of people don’t know because we tend to hide things due to our ego/pride. And the purpose is to remove the mask off masculinity. This is a brief synopsis.

I will be posting clips from not only this book but from my other two books, and I’ll pose a question or two about it.

First, I have three copies of my brand new book to give away.

All you have to do is inbox me with Contest One as the subject and answer this question (this is an excerpt from a poem entitled Where’s Love)?

Why do we lie when we're asked, "How are you?" and we say “fine,” when that's not the truth? I believe the lie is made, because the person who asked "how are you" really doesn't want to hear the truth. If “fine” isn't the answer, then you have to hear things like, "you need to work that out yourself,” or you’re discriminated. 

And that’s it! The contest ends at 11:30pm tonight.

Three people will be selected at random and contacted by e-mail.

Second, Win a Mystery book from one of my fellow authors!

One of my fellow authors have not only published books for herself, but she’s published books for others (translation: she’s published more works for others than she has for herself). That means she knows the writing/marketing industry and she knows what she’s talking about. 

For YOUR chance to win a signed copy of her book, inbox me with Contest TWO as the subject and answer this question: Why haven’t you pursued your passion/talent when you know that’s what you should be doing right now? And what will you do differently starting from this moment in time?!

And that’s it. You’re entered into the contest (this will also end at 11:30pm tonight).

This book is powerful, considering it’s for men of standard & the women who love them. But I want my copy now.

Just simply purchase the paperback or the e-book version on

Let’s have some fun. I will post my first note shortly. 

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