Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 2)

This is Part 2.

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. Meanwhile, I want to share three articles with you and hear what some of my fellow authors, fellow survivors & fellow advocates have to say as to why the judicial system/government is failing abused children.

Article 2 (this one focuses on suicide – which the rate for children is increasing):
Article 3:
Marlanda Yarber (fellow survivor) has this to say:
Article 1: I certainly understand the rage of this mother. Questions that comes to my mind after reading this article are : What caused this mother to believe that her child was abused? What made her determine this person to be the one who violated her child? This mother should have made a police report, she should have not participated in such drastic actions. She should have waited for an investigation from the authorities of law.
Article 2 : This is indeed a strange incident, almost unbelievable. The authorities need to thoroughly investigate this. How sad!
Article 3: There is clearly something wrong with anyone, especially a mother, that can provide such a monstrous smile, after being accused by her own child of such grotesque acts. The fact that she could be a possible drug user is irrelevant. Drugs only enhance the evil that is already inside. Drug use should never lessen accountability. These children need counseling immediately!
All of these are heartbreaking examples of how child abuse continues to plague society. Children often have no voice or do not know how to properly use it. For abused children, most without an advocate, out of sight, out of mind, justice for them slips through the legal system. Many adults, even within law enforcement, are untrained on how serious the effect of child sexual abuse is. Some adults continue believe the antiquated subliminal traditions of silence and inaction are acceptable. There are unfortunately still too many reasons are the legal system continues to fail children. Dialogue, training, accountability and proper punishment are the only things that will ever effectively combat child abuse and the effects of it.

Cassandra Rodgers has this to say (author of soon-to-be released Victory Cometh For You):
Article 1: Instead of this mother spending her time to kidnap this 18 year old to get revenge she should be trying to find help for her son. Although, I understand her pain and the pain her son is going though that does not make it right. On the other hand the police was not listening to her concerns and so she felt like she had to take matters into her own hands. I feel sad for her son because he is really the only victim in this. It hurts to see a family torn because of this horrible act of CSA. We can do our part by reporting abuse but the law must step up and do their duty. I've seen it happen time and time again an entire system of people parents, teacher, family, friends, police etc... fail to do what's right. The child goes ignored and forgotten and the abuse gets swept under the rug.
Article 2: The entire family is lying. I don't believe that a 5year old child went missing and then out of no where she was found in the living room hung to death. Everyone claim to have nothing to do with it, they are clearly lying and they need to be locked up. This is a classic case of shifting responsibility, adults not wanting to take responsibility for their child and for the abuse that they inflicted on her. They have the nerve to blame the 5 year old child for her own death. This is so disgusting.
Article 3: This is not uncommon especially in poverty stricken areas where drugs are rampant. Parents prostitute their children force their children to have sex with anyone to make a quick buck so that they can get their drugs. This is all too common, it happening right now as we speak. It makes me want to cry! I can't comment too much on this one it's just too scary.

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