Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 3)

This is Part 3.

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. I will come back to the three articles mentioned in Parts 1 & 2, but I want to bring up a different article because this is outside the U.S., but it still needs our attention. Underneath the link (please read this), my fellow advocate Jean Marie is going to share her thoughts about this article.

To me the most haunting part of this article is this.  "Police investigators say Zapata also forced her older daughters to drink alcohol and do drugs. Some ended up working as prostitutes and are missing, police said."

With January being Human Trafficking Prevention Month I think it is important to face the erie presence of Human Trafficking.  Human trafficking rings are so skilled that once a person disappears into the ring you only have a few days to find the trail, after that the trail goes cold.  This is like a ghost in the night, stealing our children.  Once they are gone they are gone, lost in an erie underworld where they could have been murdered early on, or they could live a lifetime lost in the underworld of perpetual sexual slavery.  

Another haunting part of this story is this "When Zapata was standing in front of the cameras Wednesday, one of the reporters shouted a question to her: "Did you prostitute your daughters?" She answered: "No, my darling."  When you watch the video Zapata first takes on the visual expression of being a victim herself.  Take away the news and the police, if you saw her crying like this, acting the victim, would you believe her, would you comfort her?   We have a natural tendency to want to comfort those who are crying.  Like most perpetrators she has learned to use emotions as a manipulation.  Then when questioned about her heinous acts she takes on the visual expression of a comforting mother.  In her best motherly voice she says to a complete stranger "No, my darling."  Take away the cameras and police once again, and watch this perpetrator feign motherly love towards her children.  Would we believe the emotional mask, as she once again uses emotion as a manipulation?

I applaud the young lady that finally was strong enough to stand up to this mother-monster.  She then had to run for her life and hide.  If the other victims believed there was a safe way out, there was a trustworthy person to report to, then they might not be missing today.
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