Monday, January 6, 2014

Why The Judicial System/Government Is Failing Abused Children (Part 1)

It was pressed on my spirit (New Year's Day) to do a post on this topic. This is dear to my heart and it's my prayer after you read this, you will be moved to action. In the final part, I will share my thoughts as to why the judicial system is failing. Meanwhile, I want to share three articles with you and hear what some of my fellow authors, fellow survivors & fellow advocates have to say as to why the judicial system/government is failing abused children.

Article 2 (this one focuses on suicide – which the rate for children is increasing):
Article 3:
Rhonda Walker has this to say (she's the founder of Healing R.A.G.E. & the author of Healing The Rage Within):
Article one has me disturbed just for the fact that the story does not go into detail as to why the mother thought the man was abusing her son. Did the mother see something or did the child say something to alert her. Although we KNOW abuse happens, we also KNOW that false accusations also happen. I think before we outright accuse or harm someone...we must have the facts...evidence of abuse so to speak. If the abuse did happen, i commend the mother for defending her child..but we must have proof.
As for article 2, I'm also stumped because it seems to me that a child can not hang herself from a ceiling...not a 5yr old child. I think there is some foul play in this situation. From the neighbor the children were often left unsupervised so that leads me to think child neglect was in place. I think the police really needs to look at the adults that were left home.
Article 3 is just sickening and she needs serious jail time. she obviously has a drug problem and doing whatever to the children for money. sick!!
It saddens me to read stuff like this because the children are innocent and they are being harmed. Sadly the system does not get involved unless abuse is reported and oftentimes its not.

Lisa Wynn (fellow survivor) has this to say: 
After reading all 3 reports ... Imagine if SUDDENLY every child's untold hells were told by media. Imagine if SUDDENLY every adult survivor's voice was also amplified by the media. Do you think that would be enough to make it impossible for the world to continue to deny / remain unaware of how many people walking this earth are affected by child abuse? Do you think this would be enough to ensure that every abuser was identified and held accountable? I just don't know.

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