Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sexual Predators Show More Love Than Family & Friends

I think about all of the teens I've talked with who suffered sexual abuse and adult survivors of sexual abuse (of which I am), and I find a common trend. Family & friends side with the sexual predator (even if it's in the family) and tell their abused child to get over it, how dare you lie about the family (or put our business in the street), or they're punished more than their sexual predator. If we proclaim that we "love" everybody, then show some love to an abused child instead of ridiculing a child.

What you're about to read below comes from a page that I like on Facebook. And this confirms what I typed above and the need for the community to wake up (or don't be surprised if it happens to one of your children and then you cry foul)!

There are things that predators sometimes offer children that well-meaning adults don’t. Predators often listen to children to make them feel valued. Predators compliment children to make them feel special. Predators tell children that they love them to make them feel adored. Predators give children favors to make them feel important. Predators give children responsibilities that make them feel competent. Too often these things are absent in the life of children, and the absence of these things is what opened the door to many of our victimizations. Predators are evil people that are given opportunities by well-meaning people. Wake up, humanity.

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