Friday, November 8, 2013

How Do I Heal From Child Sexual Abuse?

From time to time, I will be posting on Child Sexual Abuse & some statistics about this type of abuse. As a survivor, this is very important to me (my novel Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid confirms its importance).

This is a post from the Talking Trees: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse page (on Facebook). Check that page out.

How do I heal? If you have asked the question, then you are already healing. So from here on out the transformative question is “where am I in the healing process?” Depending on where you are in the process, you may need a lot of information, or support, or direction. Early in the healing process, you need information. If you were diagnosed with an illness, even if it is just high blood pressure, you would need information so that you could develop a lifestyle that protects you from further risks and complications. Well, there is a lot of information about being a survivor of child sexual abuse that can be really helpful too. For example, did you know that there are over 50 million survivors in America? Did you know that the average survivor has had 3 violators by the age of 18? Did you know that over 50% of survivors never tell a soul? Did you know that most of us live functional lives while we suffer in silence? Did you know that we survive on resilience, the strength of the heart, the will of the universe and the determination of the spirit, and support from one another? We also survive on knowledge. Knowledge is power.

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