Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How We Act When We're Offended

On my way to work this morning, my spirit was so full and/or heavy. With that, I need to empty it because my life is to be poured out. God was showing me how we act when we're offended. Eight scenarios appeared to me and they capture the essence of how we act when we're offended.

1. Some people will be offended by what you say & do, but will overlook it if they are able to use you for their self-seeking purpose.

2. There will be those who will be offended by you & they will get their friends and your friends to betray you (because of pride, maintain their status quo). 

3. Many people will be offended but they won't vocalize it until you get real close to their face with what offends them.

As I'm typing this, The Lord dropped this. You get offended when others are going through, but expect others to drop what they're doing to cater to you when you're going through. Because you're offended, you don't bother to pray. This is nothing more than a Pharisee attitude. 

4. Just because you have a certain elite group doesn't mean that everybody has your best interest at heart (Judas Iscariot was part of an elite group and He turned on the Leader because he was offended).

5. We run quickly to the next biggest event (because a man/woman is in our area) than we do the Word of God. And we will take offense if we point out an action that man/woman does is a sin against the Bible. We will really take offense if we call out his or her teaching (even if he or she says we are our own god).

Back to point 4. There are modern-day Judas' around. They stay silent until you say something that offends their personal agenda. Once you say something, they come out of nowhere and unleash every demonic spirit within them. Now, I'm not saying they are demonic, just pointing out the action.

6. We love Jesus though He came to bring division (offense), but we hate our brother/sister because they offended us over something so minor.

7. When a believer says something you don't like, you take offense! But if someone with a title says the same thing the believer said, you welcome it with open arms.

8. Now watch people take offense to this one: God does not base your status in heaven based on your earthly title!

The Mayne Man ... dropping the mic!


  1. Thanks for sharing.....It was a blessing. Number 7 on point

  2. This was good. Thanks for listening to the Holy Spirit and writing it accordingly.

  3. I think you have about three separate blogs within this one... :-)