Saturday, May 24, 2014

White Elephants

I'm writing this on my way to DC (in fact, I'm on the plane). Before boarding my plane, there was a documentary on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that was shown at the airport. This episode focused on the government in other countries (primarily Greece & Brazil) and their endorsing white elephants (such as stadiums, and buildings for sporting events). Many civilians are complaining that the government is spending massive amounts of money for Olympic Games and for World Cup Games. After those games are over, the buildings are just there and nothing else is done in those buildings.

These same civilians are complaining (and rightfully so) because that amount of money that the government is spending could go to their healthcare. Now let's hear the other side. Those who receive the funding for the buildings say that the games are to boost the economy via ticket sales and sponsors and these revenues are to rebuild communities. The truth is that it actually goes back into the pockets of those investors and the government while those still living in the slums (in poverty-stricken areas) are left in the same condition if not worse after the games are over (in fact one single parent in Rio, I believe, said that she was being forced out of her home, not because she couldn't pay the bill, but because the building she's living in was to be destroyed so construction can begin to build a stadium for the Olympic Games). I pose this question: are we any different? Are there any white elephants in our own country? These white elephants in other countries have proven to be a waste of tax-payers money (and breaking the backs of the poor & middle-class). Again I ask, are we any different?

To me, all I hear is talk and no action. Does that sound like how many officials in politics and banking officials operate in our own country? It also shows that this group of rich are focused on themselves (while they say they're about helping, they're heaping for their own lusts). Notice I said that "group of rich," because not every rich person thinks that way. In fact, a true rich person does help people who want a hand up. Now here's where I say something that's not going to fly too well: the problem with us (especially in the church) is that many are complacent and want to rich to just fork over all of their wealth to them as a form of entitlement. Another problem I see is that we want our entitlements packaged a certain way. Example: if I am wealthy and decide to bless people not monetary, but via education and what I know about the tax structure and how to benefit (which I do by the way), some will get mad because the blessing they hoped for was cold hard cash on the spot. Now that is just selfish, saint or not! So I just showed there are two types of poor (those who are grateful for the help and those who just want to murmur & complain because they didn't get what they wanted, when they wanted it). 

Yes, I did go off tangent a little, but just because the governments are throwing good money after bad doesn't mean that we have to just sit and complain they're doing that. We can quote Deuteronomy 8:18 that says God has given you the power to get wealth. Sadly, we want wealth handed down without using the power given to us (and then complain when others are prospering). 

It is true that we are living in a time where the governments of the world (and the selfish rich) are looking out for themselves and will waste our money on white elephants, that doesn't mean we have to take on that attitude! To truly prosper, find out your assignment, have a plan, stop competing against your brother or sister, stop relying on handouts and have faith that God will see you through (and please take that first step of faith)! Don't be fearful, just do it!


The Mayne Man

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