Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Call To The Five-Fold

This was not a planned blog, but my spirit is full this morning, and I want to empty it right now. I have a love for those called to the five-fold (regardless of your position), but there's something on my spirit that needs to be addressed to us specifically. I believe this blogpost is a call to the five-fold (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers).

In 1 Samuel 3, we find The Lord calling Samuel. Many times we focus our sermons on the phrase, "Here am I Lord," and that's fine. What I want to focus on is this: Samuel was young and he was tuned to what God was trying to say through the prophet Samuel. Dropping down to verse 15, we find that Samuel was afraid to tell Eli what God had to say to Eli. Now I pose this question, have we in the five-fold become afraid to expose the spirits that creep up in our homes, our churches, etc.? I'm not talking about the obvious spirits (that we typically see in the news media, entertainment industry, and obvious sins in the church); but the ones lurking around in the church as impostors that are not so obvious: one being the lustful spirit (where sheep are lusting after the pastor knowing he or she is married); the second being the shearing spirit (it's mission is to take down members of the flock to satisfy their own lusts). Yes, we know are assignments, the devil knows it also. He also knows that if we don't call out those spirits mentioned above (and many others not mentioned), the entire body will be divided. We have allowed too many demonic spirits to get in the body (under our watch) mostly due to us being prideful in our office, but here's the real tragedy. When one who is really walking in their five-fold calls out the impostors, some will label him or her as the outcast. If nothing is done with the impostor, destruction is inevitable.

A question one might ask, how can you tell what spirit an impostor is carrying (especially if they are claiming to be part of the body)? Listen to the conversation - that's typically a tell all (and if their tone or facial expression shows traces of denial). Two examples:
1. If they sound desperate from a fleshly standpoint, you can tell there's a worldly desire unmet and they're trying to infect it on you (as a form of control).
2. If they push you or encourage you to stay in sin, then no matter how many times they talk about God, that's an impostor transformed into an angel of light.

Now, there may be some in the body just wounded (they are to be treated with care). Sometimes we can easily make the mistake and cast out the wounded and embrace the unrepentant impostor with the sole intent to decimate the body of Christ). We in the five-fold must be aware. We can easily focus on those with titles and holding them accountable (which we should), but if we don't watch those under our care; they can take us out, which is the game plan of the devil.

That was on my spirit this morning. I pray that this encourages you, for we have work to do.


The Mayne Man

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