Monday, June 23, 2014

Is Something Wrong (or Am I Just Losing It)?

Good morning everyone. Last night I was listening to a program and a lot of statements were made. I started to ask myself as I listened, is something wrong or am I just losing it. So, I would like to ask your opinion as you read these statements (and for some of them, I will add my $.02 worth), is something wrong or am I just losing it). Let's begin:

1. Many of you know that I'm an accountant by profession and that if we are audited by the IRS, we have to produce receipts (the typical statute is about 7 years, that's how long we must maintain our records). Many of us who have small-business owners have a greater risk of being audited. Anyway, let's add to this: what many of you don't know is that I work for state government (in fact for 12 years) as my day-time job. Now where I work, the IT section can pull every single e-mail I send & receive during my 12 years of being in state government if I ever had to go to trial or was under investigation. the case of Lois Lerner, you mean to tell me that their computers crashed and you can't pull up their e-mails???? Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

2. Let's stay on the IRS for this statement as well. Now I'm aware that the IRS is a bureaucratic system. So, if I happen to have a political and/or religious view that someone within any bureaucratic system doesn't like, that means I stand a greater risk of going to jail? Now watch this, they get a taxpayer bonus as a result of putting the average taxpayer in jail. Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

3. This statement is touchy on many levels: it's interesting that we will give diapers and formulas to those who enter our country illegally, while single mothers in our own country are struggling to feed their families. Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

4. This one is personal since my late father & I served in the military (and I know many others who are serving [or have served] in the military): those who ignore the immigration laws can get medical care while our veterans are struggling to get medical care and end up homeless??? Oh yeah, and might I add that the bureaucrats (high in the chain) are getting bonuses for cooking the books (that means falsifying the financial statements). And let's not forget that our taxpayer dollars are finding their golden parachutes! Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

5. This one makes me laugh: those who are CEO's who own million-dollar companies can bankrupt them and get a bailout (let's not forget Tim
Geitner bankrupt Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and was appointed in 2009 as Secretary of the Treasurer), but for those of us who work a 9 to 5 job are getting our wages & benefits cut (with no raises in over 5 years).  Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

6. It's been said from the White House that our biggest problem is climate change. Let's see ... Air Force One expels more carbon in a day than most of us will in our lifetime. Is something wrong or am
I just losing it?

7. We fight wars with other people's children since less than 1% of Americans will serve in the military, but we keep sending the same people to take bullets and step on bombs for a foreign policy that punishes countries that are our friends and make peace with countries that are our enemies. Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

8. This statement should touch every mother with children: we let terrorists lose but your kids stand a greater risk of being locked up for a non-violent drug possession. Is something wrong or am I just losing it?

Ok, I've probably said more than enough. So, I close by asking you is something wrong or am I really losing it.


The Mayne Man

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  1. Yo, MayneMan, it's Camden. Having trouble signing into my wordpress account... Anyways, you are spot on brother, points 1 thru 8. I work for a company that gets contracts through the DoD (I am at the USAFA right now). I have had 3 desktop computers crash on me over the last 11 years. But hey, no worries. By LAW my company is required to keep anything and everything on record, both electronically and hard copy (archive). My company has all my e-mails dating back to 2003 (my start date) saved on servers that have double backups (backups for the backups). Also, any forms/correspondence via Word, PDF, Excel, etc. are saved on servers as well, with hard copy archives stored in a secured, fireproof/water damage proof storage facility. I just saw something yesterday about the 7 IRS computers crashing... it's about the same odds as winning the Florida lottery over 300 times. (1 in 78 Billion). Thanks for all you do, you are a great role model to this and the next generation of Christians. Thank you for your service in the AF and thank you for yor continued service as a "soldier for Christ".