Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your Day Of Freedom (To My Fellow Abuse Survivors)

This was not a planned post, so I am going to let His Spirit lead me as I type this. I don't know where you are on your road to recovery from child sexual abuse, but I pray this encourages you today. Do you feel that have suffered too long and you desire that your pain is gone? Please, don't give up on your life or on God. Just like you would give a relationship another chance, I ask that you give God another chance. Let me use a passage to illustrate how we as survivors can celebrate our day of freedom as the chains if bondage fall. 

In Acts 16, starting with verse 23 we see this happening to Paul & Silas: And when they had inflicted many blows upon them, they threw them into prison, ordering the jailer to keep them safely. Having received this order, he put them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks.

Ok the backdrop was that Paul & Silas were on a missionary journey and they spoke against the spirit of divination. As a result, they were placed in chains. What is the message? They weren't arrested and silent for doing wrong. They were innocent (because they were seeking to do good) and were silenced, bound in chains. Many of us were robbed of our innocence and we were told to be silent or else we would lose our lives. I can tell you that I was threatened through the means of fear. So I was in chains mentally! 

But wait, there's more to this story. And if you remember a post I did near the end of October 2013 called My Voice (As A Survivor) Is My Weapon, you'll see right now why it's a weapon if it's used the right way.

Verse 25 & 26 in Acts 16, About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone's bonds were unfastened.

So what is the message here? Pray for justice and mercy. But sing praises for His Goodness. Let me say this: No, you did not deserve the abuse, it was not your fault. What am I talking about here? Your scars and pain (coupled with that the fact that you're still alive) is a testimony that you are here with a purpose to share your story and help remove the chains of someone else. Praise God that His true justice will come in due time and praise Him for your life. If you look at the interview I did to the right of this blog, you'll see what I'm talking about. 

Also note, this was at midnight, in the darkest part of the day. For many of us, we have had our dark days. I'll put this out there: two years ago today, I didn't want to live, but I constantly prayed and didn't give up on His plan for us. Understand the mere fact that because we went through and we're alive, not only are we strong, but we're over comers. Many people wanted us dead (our abusers, those who neglected us, etc.), but you should be able to rejoice in the fact you're still alive. Notice the chains came off when they rejoiced and praised. You have a purpose in this life. Don't feel that God has abandoned you. Because I went through it, I can boldly type this post. 

As Jesus Culture said in one of their songs, there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. 

Let this day be your day of freedom.


The Mayne Man


  1. “Let this day be your day of freedom.” – I’m sure a victim of abuse will start his/her way to freedom after reading this post. I understand that it’s hard to step out of your past and trust other people again, but it’s worth a try. Most victims are afraid to speak out due to fear. However, there are support groups who can help you start your new life. Being a victim isn’t your fault, but refusing to achieve healing is on you. :)

    Vesta Duvall @ The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C.

    1. I agree with you totally. Blessings :)

  2. You say it like you mean it. Today I am not believing it. But you do. I am glad you do. I pray the Lord will find his way into my heart again, and I will learn again to be soft and to trust. Today I just want to be hurt and angry.

    1. It's OK to slip and fall, just get back up :)