Monday, January 20, 2014

I Have A Dream (poem excerpt)

Here is an excerpt of my poem entitled "I Have A Dream." The entire poem is in my debut poetry book Take It From Me: Cautionary Tales From A Former Fool (The You Can Take It Poetry Series: Volume I). Blessings to you all today.

I stand today and see the dream inside of me
It’s deeper than what my eyes can see
Look at me, I have ambition, I have a desire
Nobody can put water on this fire
I have this dream inside of me that’s growing strong
If I can bear the short-term discomfort, the dream won’t take long
I am encouraged, I am blessed, and I am a soldier in this fight
Because I’m strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
I can’t let anything tie me down; I have too much at stake
I know I have to press forward and do whatever it takes.

Never to neglect the Lord who blessed me and saved me
Because it is He who loves me and it is this dream He gave me
I have to fulfill it; I have to nurture it with all of my heart
Because He knew this dream was for me from the start

If Pharaoh and Dr. King can have a dream, then I can have a dream
And when it’s resurrected and affirmed, it’s not as distant as it seems.

If I neglect this, I’m letting you, God, and myself down
This is my time, and I’m turning this life of mine around

This is it! Destiny has to be fulfilled
I refuse to be tied down; that’s not God’s will
This poem might be hard for your ears, so it seems
But this is me, and I’m blessed to be living the dream.

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