Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The AMCC (Part 4: The Poster Child)

If we say we love our brother, but at the same time play favorites (or treat people better cause they're part of the clique) or mock at what they're going through, is that really love? I’ve sat on this blogpost for a few weeks. Now, for the record, some people may think I’m actually being judgmental with this series (especially with Part 3). I view it simply as my perception and we are entitled to our opinions (no matter how radical they sound). When you go against what’s the norm and express your view, there’s a strong chance where you are either saying something that’s wrong (if so, please correct it), or God is giving you an awareness to what’s going around you. Now the only person we can actually change is ourselves, but if we’re to fulfill the great commission, we can only stay where we are for so long.

I want to spend this blog talking about this: when you go against the norm of the AMCC (I don’t care what type of church it is, but if it’s part of the AMCC mentality – that’s all about me, my family, and my clique) and you're becoming more aware to what’s going on, and you’re simply giving your opinion, but are ridiculed because you express it, there’s a strong chance where you will eventually become the poster child to the AMCC. It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. So what typically happens when you are a poster child?

Well, you stand out first and foremost. If you are in sin, you need to change first and foremost, but if it’s because you know without a doubt that God is called you to something great and others around you know it, it becomes a great divide between you and everyone else. The objective is not for you to be upset about it, but to learn from it. One of the bigger characteristics of being the poster child is when it’s expected of you to bring your problems to the majority so they can make a spectacle of you in front of everyone around. When you bring a problem, it’s to be a release, not something you wish you regret sharing. The sidebar to that is when others are having the same problem as you; others might weigh more heavily on theirs and give it more attention while you are made the poster child. When you are mentally challenged, you are a poster child and are off-limits to some people in the AMCC. Of course, these are risks you run when you’re the poster child. Again,it’s not always a bad thing. God is more and likely teach you something. Others will take offense because you’re going against the mindset.

Now mind you, you can easily leave the AMCC. But for some of us, we were directed to be there by the Lord and that's not a bad thing either. I wouldn’t encourage leaving until the Lord directs otherwise. Don’t grumble or complain, just observe and let the Lord Minister to you. Your work is not in vain. Never base your salvation on a man (whether a leader, prophet), it must be solely on Christ alone. Man will step on you to boast their ego and cover their hatred for you with a smile (especially if you don't think on the AMCC level). Shape your future based on the truth of God's Word. He will never fail you. Man will sell you out (and yes, sell outs can occur in your own church), so discern who you tell things to - the sellouts would be thrilled to make you the poster child. When God's anointing is on you (and if you don't bow down to the rules of the AMCC), members of the group will be threatened by you.

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