Monday, March 18, 2013

The AMCC (Part 3: The Ostrich Syndrome)

I sat on this blogpost since the end of 2012. We had a guest preacher come to our church, and I was so glad that I was sitting in the back of the church. He delivered a message that left me no choice but to stand (and snoopy dance in a pre-dominant Caucasian church that’s about as quiet as a Presbyterian church) because it moved me to the core. Note I was near the exit in the back so no one could really see me (smile). Another brother (Caucasian) was also on his feet and we were both surprised that the church wasn’t moved to the core. In fact, 95% of the church felt as if he was either speaking Greek or he offended them because they were comfortable in their little seat in the church. Now mind you, my church (with both services combined) is about 1000 people. So, what was the sermon about? Getting off of your behind and fulfilling the Great Commission. To see the 95% respond as if they were appalled just showed me that some people (and not just in my church, but probably other churches in the world) are living in the ostrich syndrome. A person living with this syndrome doesn’t want to face reality, hear the truth, and hopes everything goes away by sticking his head in the sand. Many people who name the name of Christ are doing the same thing. The mentality of the ostrich syndrome in the AMCC is this: As long as it doesn’t bother me and my family (to include those in our Christian circle), I’ll stick my head in the sand. Tragically, it’s prevalent in the AMCC – I beg you, if you’re trapped either in this syndrome or in the church, please escape.

A little bit more information about the ostrich syndrome in the AMCC. Peter tells us the Jews to live among the Gentiles, but those in the ostrich syndrome are focused on separating from the world in totality. Of course, this is contrary to the “in the world, but not of it” mentality. It’s interesting that when we came out of the world, we were ecstatic. Now when we see others stuck in the world, we stick our heads in the sand and try to avoid them. That’s not fair to them (and we then sit and wonder why they won’t come to church).

OK, this was the gist of the lesson (and you will see when this is over, why this would offend someone in the AMCC) – focus scripture is 1 Samuel 14:1-23:
  1. No political party will is going to ever bring reconciliation to Southeast Asia or this nation, it’s only Jesus.
  2. God calls us to not be comfortable but to be courageous!
  3. Tutoring for kids where schools have to clean dung off of cafeteria tables so the kids could have a free breakfast. Again, not a political issue, but a church issue.
  4. We must die to self so that Christ can be glorified.
  5. The church needs to step up and defend the poor and needy!
  6. The church has been chillin’ too much! What do we do, be comfortable.
  7. We base church success on buns (how many buns are in the seats), buildings (how big is the building) and budgets (how big is the budget).
  8. The world doesn’t see who Christ really is because the church is so isolated and insulated.
  9. God is calling us to get out of our comfort place
  10. In the American church, we say if we don’t have it in the budget, we don’t do it.
  11. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God (it doesn’t say “without it being in the budget”)
  12. In the church, we live with the mindset that we have to have everything mapped out and there’s no room for God to work (thinking perhaps the Lord will be with us)!
  13. If you just work out of compassion, you’re going to die! If you work out of a calling, God will fill you up and take care of you!
  14. Too often in the church, we’re looking for the Red Sea experience when God is saying, “Would you just do something? Would you just put your foot in? Would you know that I am with you? Be bold and be strong and be courageous for I am with you wherever you go!”
  15. The church sits back while the world goes to hell! We sit back while our neighbor is battling through everything when we’re more worried about the leaves that blow in our yard than their salvation!
  16. If you’re chillin’ in your house, at your job, in your church, at your school, God cannot and will not use you! Stop waiting for God to give you a “Yes.” He’s told us to go and spread His kingdom, make disciples! We don’t have to wait for a YES!
  17. Summary: we must go when we don’t have the dough; we must go when we don’t know and we must go until God says no!


  1. While I was not at the service present of which you write, I am one of those Caucasian folks in this body of believers that you are so easily judging. I am beginning to grow weary of your judgmental attitude towards everyone that is not you and that does not respond or react exactly as you do. Can someone not be moved inside or in your judgement does the sign of being touched by God have to be in your fashion only? I have not observed you dancing at every service so should I consider you unmoved, comfortable and offended by what was being said? Were you the ostrich in those services?

    By the way, if I were to flip your words around and change Caucasian for African-American would you accuse me of being racist or out of line? If words have power, and you say so on many occasions, you need to watch those words you write and speak.

    Brother you do not have a charge from God to be a judge over all you survey. You are judging the children of God... does that not concern your soul in any part? This is the Bride of Christ you are bringing accusations against. How do you see this as a ministry? Who are you to take this position of supreme know-it-all?

    Brother you need to address the pains in your heart in a deep and transparent way and allow the Holy Spirit, whom you profess to rule your heart, to heal and cleanse you. Let your pain go into His loving hands and experience true peace with God, healing and freedom from judgement.

    I challenge you to see if you can find Jesus and put His spirit more into your writings and less of your pain reflected in the face of others.

    You have a gift of writing, poetry and speaking and I encourage you to see how you can use them to heal instead of accuse, judge and look down upon. Use them to find your compassion instead of your scrutiny of others.

  2. John 7:24, 1 Cor. 5 give credence to Believers judging Believers. These are very real concerns in the Body of Christ regardless of race. As Tremayne is in the Bride of Christ, not outside it, he would recieve the same ramifications of the Body, much like Jeremiah who was carried into captivity right along with his people who took a 'who are you to tell us what God is saying' attitude. Their refusal to hear truth didn't stop the results that affected everyone. The post above compells me to search my own heart beyond getting upset.