Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Author Spotlight (Ellen Thomas)

Today's spotlight will be on my sister & fellow author Ellen Thomas. I had the privilege of meeting Ellen at the Tallahassee Writer's Association Conference in March 2011. The title of her book sparked my interest (I'll reveal that in a moment).

Ellen Thomas is the author of The BiPolar Express: One Christian Woman's Life Journey In The Company of a Child with Bipolar Disorder & Asperger's Syndrome. She is a world traveler, entrepreneur, public school teacher, guest lecturer & mother of a child with Bipolar Disorder & co-morbid Asperger's Syndrome. So this is no ordinary author we're talking about here. A victim of providence, Ellen received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education, 12 years prior to boarding the Bipolar Express. She has shared 28 years with her best friend & husband Jim. Together, they have raised their children: Tony, Luke & adopted adopted daughter Grace. Grace is the catalyst of this book.


  1. I am honored to be in your Author Spotlight but have been blessed to have met you. Your smile brightens my day. Our talks are enlightening.

  2. Author N. White, was reading this blog at work and mentioned Asperger's Syndrome and someone handed me her book!!!!! WOW