Thursday, March 3, 2016

How We Tend To Miss Our Blessings

During my drive home from work this afternoon, I thought about how I am seeking to bless other drivers by letting them in my lane when a lane is ending and they have to merge onto my lane. Some will not consider my desire to be a blessing to them, and then they'll speed by and drive on the side of the road and then squeeze between other drivers. Of course, this creates accidents in some cases or it causes traffic jams. This made me think about this principle. There are some people in life that won't accept a blessing. When you seek to bless others, people will reject it. Now watch this, the same one who will reject you will seek to demand a blessing from others on their own terms. Esau wanted to demand a blessing from Isaac on his own terms, and he cried, "bless me, even me" (I hope that song didn't come from what Esau said). The message: people who are wrapped up in "self" will always want things their way, and then when true blessings come their way, they won't be able to because they either become callous to it, or they are not prepared to receive it.

The children of Israel got mad when they had to wander in the wilderness. As they believed the 10 spies who said they can't inherit the land, they would die. They had their blessing right in front of them, but they forfeited it. Now watch this, they tried to achieve it on their own terms, and they died as a result.

Another way we miss our blessing is because the devil does not want us to have it. So, he will come through obstacles or people. And as I think about it, the devil wants us in a position where we are not paying attention. 

So how can we not miss our blessing? Let me just give one way to you to consider. Get away from people who constantly tear down the very thing you're believing God for in your life. Another way of saying that is this: get away from those who want to glorify your problem causing you to nullify the very thing you're believing God for. Because if you don't they will talk you out of receiving your blessing and you will miss it. Now this isn't a bad thing and it doesn't mean you're cutting them off. The message is that not everyone is going to support your assignment or rejoice when you receive your blessing especially if your heart is close to God's heart. Again, it's not a bad thing, it's just where people are in their life. But seek to get with people who have your solution and will support your assignment and rejoice when you are blessed.


The Mayne Man

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