Saturday, November 21, 2015

Plan of God vs. Man of God

I want to talk about the difference between the plan of God and the man of God. First and foremost, I want to say praise God for the men and women of God that God calls to the five-fold ministry (the truth is, we all have a role within the five-fold ministry and we’re called by God for a unique purpose). The problem is when we as humans put too much stock into the man/woman of God than we do the plan of God (which is the Kingdom of God).

The best example from the Bible is the story of Moses. Moses was chosen by God to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. The children of Israel were so used to the cruelty of Egypt that they couldn’t see beyond Egypt. And what was God trying to do? Bring them into a land that’s flowing with milk and honey. During that time, that was a blessing from God. But the children of Israel couldn’t see that. In fact, after they crossed the Red Sea, they wanted to go back to Egypt (they felt they could go back to Egypt and live on top of the world). Anyway, God was trying to get the children of Israel to rely solely on Him and He would provide. The people’s rebellion got to a point that God was going to strike them dead; however, Moses interceded for them. Where are the true intecessors in this time that we’re living in? That’s a different blogpost.

One of the challenges Moses had leading the people was that Moses had a desire for the people that the people didn’t have for themselves. As a result, Moses was so frustrated that he disobeyed God – and as a result, he was disqualified from leading the children of Israel over to the Promised Land. Fact: when Moses was disqualified, God already told the children of Israel that they were going to die in the Wilderness because of their lack of belief. They couldn’t comprehend the plan of God (or they didn’t want to trust God’s plan for them). In fact, they were so focused on the man of God that they missed God’s plan. Don’t let that be us where we’re so focused on the man/woman of God that we miss God’s plan.

When God raises a man or a woman of God to send a revelation, He’s thinking about the people and wanted to see them advanced. God wanted the children of Israel to advance, but they didn’t because they were focused on the man of God than they were the plan. Again, are we advancing to further His plan for our lives, or are we focused on the man of God. I’m not saying to disregard a man/woman of God. Praise God for them. I’m just stressing balance here.

When you obey the man/woman of God that’s to lead you, that you fulfill the kingdom of God. Those who have sow in obedience to the voice of God, you shall receive increase (now that will come in the area that God choices) – it’s just the mere fact that you’re cooperating with the plan of God – so get ready!

So why is it more about the plan of God than the man of God? Because people can get caught up with just the man/woman of God and their position opposed to the plan of God. The plan of God is the Kingdom of God – and God’s plan is locked into His purpose. In every generation, God will raise a man/woman in that generation for His plan – which is ultimately for His people. And when the people comply with the plan regardless of the man, they are increased. So, bypass the personality and position of people!!!

Example: If God gives me a Word for someone, try to bypass my personality (because I’m a handful – if you know me, you can testify), and just receive (regardless if it does or doesn’t feel good to your flesh).

I pray that you are blessed by this blogpost.


The Mayne Man

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