Sunday, November 15, 2015

Anger In Relationships

I was listening to the radio on my way to church this morning, and on the radio was a discussion with a Christian woman who was struggling with anger because of a man in her life. It grabbed my attention because I believe there are so many people (regardless of gender) who struggle with anger and if left unchecked, it can sabotage people’s present and possibly future.

Before I begin to paraphrase the discussion that I heard on the radio, I’d like to invite people to get involved in this blogpost, because this might actually be a chapter in a book I’m working on with my copy-editor. If you want to respond to the questions at the end of this blogpost, you can respond as anonymous and let me know which comment was yours (whether an inbox on FB, direct message on Twitter, or an e-mail). If your comment is selected for the book, you will definitely remain anonymous (and of course, ask your permission). I thank you in advance.

The woman on the show called in and was struggling with anger because of how her man is treating her and their son. The interviewer is telling the woman that her response should not be based on what he does or doesn’t do, but it should be based on what’s going on inside of her and once you choose to move in the way that’s positive, you’ll make positive choices. 

The interviewer turned his attention here to where the woman was focusing on the fact that he didn’t fulfill what he said he was going to do and how that affected her and their son. As a result, it’s coming out in how she communicates with him.  He said that when she responds out of anger, she’s actually supplying the fuel that the anger needs. The expectation that’s in you for him, that he’s not fulfilling, really creates anger; but at the same time, you actually have respect for what he’s capable of doing.

Some questions in relation to this post:
  1. How can you deal with anger from past relationships?
  2. How can anger harm your life (present and future)?
  3. Why do people renege on their promises leaving a bad taste in the other person’s mouth?
  4. Why do some people allow past hurts in relationships to hinder their growth in life?
  5. What is the healing process look like for you if you’ve been involved with a man who has a counterfeit spirit?
  6. Do you believe it’s important to hear what people are saying? It’s been said: out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks?
  7. What are the ramifications when anger takes over the conversation?
  8. What are things that people say that can run the other person away?
  9. Why do we make the other person the enemy when it’s really not a fight against flesh and blood?


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