Friday, October 31, 2014

BBB (Broken, Beaten & Battered) - a poem

Today, this was dropped on my spirit. I've been in Psalms for almost 2 weeks and I call this my Psalm to God. Although this has been my life these past 2 weeks, it also sums up my life. I ask that you rejoice with me as to the goodness of God and how God has kept me. He has given me beauty for ashes and He can give you that also. 

BBB (Broken, Beaten & Battered)
Written 10/31/14 10:42am

I come to the Father broken, beaten & battered. He wants all of my pain. 
I lay this broken body down as if it were dead, so it's Jesus I gain.

Loved ones have abandoned me, but You Lord have loved me still. I surrender my life to you in all areas, and I now surrender to Your will.

I spent so many years living for me, and it has brought me nothing but sorrow. So I seek You and Your righteousness and will strive not to worry about tomorrow.

So many are living for self striving for attention, turn our hearts back to You. We will keep hurting each other if we keep doing what we do.

This 28 years of abstinence is not for me, but for Your glory. Some will mock as this testimony, but You have given me this story.

The good that I do for others is nothing but a filthy rag in your eyes. So why should I boast in them, Your dying for me is where my faith lies.

If I have to live this life alone, broken, beaten & battered; I count it all joy though my life feels like glass that's shattered.

All the pieces on the floor as no one cares to clean me up. But You are the only one to pick me up and overfill my cup.

I have loved and lost, and I have hurt those I care about. I pray they forgive me and I thank You Lord for not judging me and taking me out.

If you were brave enough to read this, come to Jesus this minute, this hour. He wants your broken, beaten & battered heart & spirit, so He can make your life beautiful as a flower.

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