Monday, August 18, 2014

Is Something Wrong (Or Am I Just Losing It? (Round 2)

Are you finding that many employees are working long hours with little pay while the money we pay out in taxes goes to Washington and they take long vacations with that money?

Do you suppose that if any of us became President that we could actually take up golf? :)

Are you noticing more people are without jobs while the politicians are partying like it's 1999 with Jay-Z & Beyonce?

Are you noticing also that corrupt politicians are spying on it's own citizens and on political opponents?

Do you agree that if innocent people are being murdered like sheep, that we either kill the wolf or watch the sheep die?

Is something wrong when political leaders take expensive vacations at the expense of taxpayers (who can't even afford a ticket to the ballet due to a horrific economy)?

And why do people work so hard to get a job when they don't even want to do the job?

Ok. I'll leave you all alone for now :)

The Mayne Man

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