Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Message To Church Leaders

This was heavy on my spirit this morning. I believe this was the case because a warning needs to go out to church leaders. There are many church leaders today from what I sense in my spirit that have some things twisted. What am I talking about? Many leaders today don’t want to turn on their discernment spirit and will blindly embrace those who attend the same church, like the same pastor, etc. (and will gladly place titles on those who God hasn’t even called to that title/position) – which is in short acting like what I called it a year or two ago (the American Middle Class Church mentality). At the same token, they will not use Godly judgment when calling sin out. Instead, they’ll show partiality (again to those who are part of a clique or will call some people with a certain sin out without calling out those who they admire and even idolize just because they itch your ear).

Sadly, there are many people in the body of Christ with titles who have serious ego problems. And their egos have gotten so bad to where they become very touchy, and will curse anyone who offends their personal agenda (that has no Scriptural base). There will be no unity if we continue to hang our personal agendas over other people’s heads.

Leaders need to discern those who are just using Christ for filthy lucre’s sake (I don’t care if they are an author, musician, politician, or a church leader). Sadly we’re not doing that. What we do instead is call those who call out those who are using you for self-seeking purposes as our friends and those who speak against it as our enemy. Not only is that twisted, it’s also shows that we don’t have spiritual discernment! The time for pacifying people (to get them to like you) needs to stop. And this is something leaders really need to stop doing: stop throwing your title over people (and cursing them just because they don’t have a title like you do) and stop having people that only have titles as the only people allowed in your inner circle.

If the leaders can’t get it together, what chance does the flock have? We want the signs and wonders, but we don’t want to check our egos at the front door. We want to preach and prove who we are as whatever title we have, but we show so much partiality to our brother and sister (coupled with hate and malice). Yep, somebody’s offended right now. But get this, we’re people who will take offense more to what somebody didn’t intend to do over when somebody intended to do (and this how we act in the Body of Christ).

I’m just wanted to be brief with this. Peace!

The Mayne Man ... (drops mic)

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