Monday, October 21, 2013

Author Spotlight (Ornitha Danielle)

I was privileged to meet this author at the Ubawa Book Fair (held in Atlanta, GA ) in September 2013. She's a woman of many hats. So, without further ado, I present to you this week's author spotlight: Sister Ornitha Danielle.

As this up and coming sensational personality in the national and Entertainment and literary world, Ornitha Danielle has become one of the most watched talented novelist women in the media world of these days. She is well on her way to be one of the nation’s latest novelists’ in The Literary industry as the So Fyh Literary Diva (DIVA= Divine, Inspired, Virtuous Vessel of the Lord and A=Ambassador.

Ornitha Danielle is not only succeeding her dreams, but building a career that she’s making this move in opposed to with all the odds facing her. Ornitha Danielle is a native of Memphis, TN. She knows that without God in the midst of all that she does, none of this would ever be possible.

She is the proud mother of three children and the wife to Rodney “LeeStylez” Taylor a professional photographer. She is a native of Memphis, TN and now resides in Somerville, TN. Were she’s had the chance to pursue her dreams of becoming a Christian Scribe Novelist and Poet.

She graduated from University High School, and from then School of Hair Design Hair Design with honors. She is a 2007 Southwest Tennessee Community College Alumni. Her former career as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist allowed her to be unique, edgy but very creative. She even became an educator in her field of expertise and taught in several beauty schools in the Memphis area. She later became the salon owner of “Perfection Of Beauty”, after working many years as a Master Stylist she decided to return to school.

After graduating from Southwest Tennessee Community College with a diploma in Emergency Medical Technician. There was something that she loved more than anything and was the love of books. As a child her parents read to her all the time, which she carried into her adulthood. Now she has penned her first novel that was just released on July 29, 2012 titled “A Heart of Reign”. That will be followed by “A Tired Journey” The Road Less Traveled….

Ornitha Danielle is also pursing her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism w/ concentration in Public Relations at The University of Memphis, and Minors in Marketing and Education. Ornitha Danielle is currently working on developing her hair cair all natural products and designer scarves with matching Hobo messenger bags.

Ornitha Danielle is very much the total package, the beauty and brains behind these companies that are growing beyond leaps and bounds. She is the CEO of So Fyh Enterprise, and “So Fyh Entertainment & Management,” and the COO and Creative Director as well as the face of “LeeStylez of So Fyh Photography”.

She’s the CEO’s & Founders of “So Fyh Diva Publishing Ink” and “So Fyh Magazine Online” as well as the “So Fyh Book Reviews “The Professional Book Reviewer” and “The Social Media Diva of “So Fyh Lavender Essence”. She’s also the “Blogger of My Diva Thoughts”.

Now she’s the founder/visionary of “Diamonds Are Forever Ministries” a non-profit organization that helps women and young ladies that have been victims of sexual abuse. With two other non-profits in the making one for the homeless, and the others that are looking to lose weight in a very healthy and spiritual manner.

There is so much to this woman of many talents; she’s a former columnist for “The Memphis Beauty Examiner,” and The Style Editor for Diva By Design Online Magazine and “The Creative Director for Shoots on Sunday”. She reviews books and music for “So Fyh Entertainment & Management”, “So Fyh Book Reviews” & “Diamond Star Entertainment.”

Ornitha Danielle was a volunteer “Event Coordinator” for The Forgotten Souls Festival for two years and The 15th Event Coordinator for “The Annual Stone Awards” as well as and Public Relations / Media Specialist in Memphis, TN. She’s also is apart of a non-profit organization “Saving Lives Through Lit” were she was a contributing writer for the book “Voices Behind The Tears” and “The Internet Media Specialist.” She’s a contributing editor for “Beautiful” ” by Kieixiza Rodriquez.

She was featured in “On The Rise” Magazine based out of Riverdale, GA. And a guest on “The Tony~n~Kie Show Blog talk Radio” based out of Richmond, Virginia as well as “The Reason 2k12 Talk Shoe” twice based out of Detroit Michigan, She also appeared in an online magazine “Today’s Leading
Ladies” she was also spotlighted for a poem that she written, “For That I am wonderfully made” as well as “Sistha’s On Lit” another Internet radio show. She’s also was featured in Allezom International Magazine based out of Orlando, Florida and Sain-City Magazine based out of Brooklyn, New York, and also appearing in the local newspaper the “Fayette Falcon” in Somerville, TN.

Also in her down time she’s an independent Party Marketing Coordinator for Memories Banquet Hall & Event Center. She’s also an Executive Writer for a new talk show “Memphis Actors’ Talking About”

In addition to all her accomplishments her greatest one of all was being called to serve in The Kingdom of God, she’s a born again Christian and has been at the very tender age of 7. In 2009, she accepted her calling into the ministry, when God called her to be his mouthpiece (Prophetess), it came with great processing and feeding on the word of God, staying close to the altar and in prayer.

That is where the name “Divinely Speaking” came from. Ornitha is really living a life of service, intercession, and being a servant first, to those in need. Indeed this chosen vessel has been commissioned by God to do what he’s already ordained before the beginning of life. She ministers in dance as well as speaking the word of God with boldness, and authority.

For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact
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