Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Message For The Abused (Part 2)

I believe somebody’s chains are going to be broken when they read this. This is what I posted on Facebook this morning: When you receive Jesus, you are a covenant child of God. Let me say something: If you suffered abuse (like I did), you deserve to be pain-free from your past. You deserve it! You deserve God’s best and He is reaching out to you every single minute of your life. God is ready to heal you of the past whenever you’re ready. We can’t keep living in the past. Yes, my pain happened, and yours happened too. Jesus said that He came to heal the broken-hearted, who have been cast away.

Now to pick up from that post: you have to pursue your healing and more importantly the true Healer, Jesus Christ. He loves you more than anything. Now you may be saying to yourself, my rapist is getting away with murder and those who are neglecting me are making my life hell. Determine who raped you, abused you, neglected you, abandoned you, etc. and get this into your spirit. Your uncle, cousin, father, mother, and anybody else who raped you (and I have to say this to myself because it was my uncle – my mom’s half brother – who molested me and my parents turned a blind eye or made my abuse to appear so small in their eyes and for me to not dwell on it), didn’t know who they were dealing with. They didn’t know that they were messing with a child of God (a son/daughter of Abraham). They didn’t know they were getting in trouble with God and cause you setbacks in your life emotionally. We have to forgive them, but don’t allow them to continue to abuse you. Jesus when He was on the cross asked God to forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing. And Jesus was innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. God’s got those who messed up your life, and He wants you. It’s time for us all to be free, but we have to be honest with ourselves and come to grips with where you are. It’s time to get rid of our infirmities, and be restored the years that were stolen from our lives. Click on the YouTube link, you’ll find my interview. E-mail me at tremayne_moore@yahoo.com if Parts 1 & 2 moved you or if the YouTube linked moved you (if you’re on Facebook, inbox me).

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  1. Thank you for those amazing words of wisdom. I have been dealing with my abuse for a long time. It happened when I was a child and I didnt speak out until 2011 through my own blog. I was silent for over 10+ years. I used to blame myself. I am also a Christian and it was hard to forgive those who abused me. I was molested by my uncle and stepfather and my mother didnt believe me. Its hard to deal with someone who doesnt believe you and not want to help you. It was really hard. I use my blog to help others by sharing my story and how I have survived. I am still going through my healing process and I know God is healing me. I am able to talk about my story without crying anymore. Some parts are still hard to talk about but I manage to still talk about it. I appreciate your message and thank you for taking a stand for survivors of abuse. I am sorry for what you went through and I know God is blessing you now for sharing with the world what you went through and also preaching the Gospel. God bless you and thank you once again for those words of wisdom.