Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking In Integrity

I am privileged & honored to have my editor Shantae A. Charles write a column for my blog. I know many people (including me) will benefit from this post. She needs no introduction, so receive a blessing from what she has to say.

Walking In Integrity

            Integrity: This word is bandied about freely but seems to be in great demand in our present day society. I've been doing a study on this concept and principle and I'd like to share a few insights with you.

            1. Integrity doesn't stem from an external judgment but from an internal examination by God of man's heart. Evil people perform charitable deeds all the time. That does not mean that they themselves are walking in the path that God deems as integrous.

            2. Integrity is tied to our motives. David said, test my motives and my heart, and see if there be any evil way in me, once again pointing to integrity being an internal work, not as many preach, an external show.

            3. Integrity opens the door to mercy. God really does look at our heart condition. Many people in this failing economy are finding themselves out of work, their homes in foreclosure, their cars repossessed. Their credit rating is so low it is no longer in numbers, but in words: pay us. Does this mean that they are bad, disreputable people? No, life happened, but now their character is being decided by Equifax and TransUnion. But, this is where mercy comes in. God will show himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are towards him.

           4. No amount of anointing will make up for lack of integrity. As one writer stated, "If a man has integrity, nothing else matters. If a man doesn't have integrity, nothing else matters." Ask Saul, chosen of God and totally lacking in moral fiber. Rather than completely follow God's directions, he decided to be king and priest without God's permission, to appease the people. The result was the loss of his kingdom.

           5. Integrity cannot flow out of dishonesty. You are either wholly integrous or wholly dishonest. Integrity will not allow you to present a business plan to someone and then renege on your part of the contract. The Bible speaks of keeping your word, even to your own hurt. There has been many times when I undervalued a service to a client. I didn't demand more on the back end. I absorbed the cost of miscalculation and revised my contract for the future.

6. You can injure your inner-self by doing what costs too much to your soul: compromise. Many people have felt totally disillusioned after losing their integrity and felt that it could not be restored. Ask Judas. He repented after he sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, but no one was willing to receive his repentance. He took his own life as a result. Please know that if you feel this way, there is HOPE. God will restore you willingly. Confess to God how you fell short. Allow His grace to restore your soul and then allow the Holy Spirit to fill you freely, and empower you to live a life of integrity.

          7. Integrity is one thing that the enemy desires from you, so that he may make a mockery of God. See. Job 2:1-9 After Job had gone through his second round of loss with bodily affliction, his wife posed this question: "Still you maintain your integrity? Why don't you curse God and die?" You see, the one thing the enemy is after is not your children, or your home, or your money. He's after your integrity. He's after that part of you that God is measuring, that opens the doors of mercy on your behalf.

         8. Your integrity can speak so loudly, that God will remain silent during your greatest trials. Have you felt lately like God wasn't speaking and everything wrong that could happen has happened? Let me suggest to you, that God is taking measure of your heart. He likes what He sees, and maybe, just maybe, He might be holding testimony service with you as the subject matter. Let that sink in.

         I encourage you to walk in integrity (Ps. 26). It may cost you but God will repay in mercy towards your situation. There is nothing you lose in this life that God cannot restore. If you've ever done what you promised God you would never do, cheer up. You're in good company (just ask Peter). Grace is still available in this season to make it right. Blessings and Church Love!

Shantae A. Charles is a Publisher, Editor, Artist, Teacher, and Author of the Church Love Novel Series, available on Kindle, Nook, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble. For more info, visit her blog,

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