Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Author Spotlight (Michael Beckford)

This week’s author spotlight is on my brother & fellow author Michael Beckford.

Michael Beckford’s life began whereas most lives end. His July thirty-first nineteen hundred and eighty-five story began as a cliff note or ode to a young mother whom had to give away her first and only child at the time. She being at the tender age of fourteen, was barely able to tend to herself, let a lone a beautiful baby boy with long hair and a sparkle in his eyes. 

The scenery of sadness and depression filled the air, as Michael Beckford’s mother had to make the tough decision to give him up for fostercare. With a childish innocence, little Michael Beckford had no say in the matter, nor did he understand the complexities of the situation at the time.

During the years of Michael’s foster care, he grew up as a child with a very vivid and inquisitive imagination. He just had a way of bringing the things which were dull and obsolete to life in his imagination.

Like most in life, Michael Beckford witnessed many storms in life, both in a spiritual sense and in the natural such as 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, which destroyed nearly every home around the neighborhood except his. “Truly God was in the work over my former foster home,” Michael Beckford says.

Just as storms don’t last always, his departure form the foster home, came at the sudden death of one of his caretakers, Edna Lewis. With her untimely death, it brought life to Michael Beckford’s situation, which moved him into adoption by two beautiful, young, and energetic parents.

These two parents fueled Michael’s desire to be greater in life, henceforth the birthing of a Great American Writer was formed. From the everyday life stories and struggles in school, Michael’s new mother guided him into writing journals about his daily life’s like’s and dislikes. This movement into the deeper parts of Michael’s mind and creativity led to the praised and often underserved expressions of poetry.

Michael’s new mother, being an Award Winning English Teacher, signed him up for oratorical, a writing contest, and is responsible for the consummate birthing of his writing success in which he enjoys today. She did not give him a natural birth, but the birth of his writing has been an expression of an effect felt upon the many whom have read his books.

Michael Beckford penned his book in February 2004, which is suitably titled Speak Up Poetry! This is a book which essentially dials into the history of a man, and the spirit of the African-American community as a whole. This book digs deep through the progressions and depressions which have been experienced over time since the time of slavery.

Speak Up Poetry! Is a notable success, with it being Michael Beckford’s first book published, and he was only eighteen years of age at the time. This book reached many corners of the country, as it was available for sale throughout the Barnes&Noble, Borders, and other chain retail outlets.

As Michael Beckford began to Speak Up! So did his parents, whom helped to influence some of his collegiate decisions while he attended FAMU. While attending FAMU for a brief season, Michael Beckford took some time off from the book circuit, and expanded upon his knowledge through college, and continued his craft of writing.

It wasn’t until April of 2009 when Michael Beckford reappeared on the writing scene with his first self-published and successful book, Beautifully Ugly People! A transition in writing he took from poetry, to the Christian fiction genre, he’s mostly known for today. Beautifully Ugly People! has been both a book which touches the hearts of many and begs the question of, ‘why do people have to be so beautiful, and yet so ugly?’

His book Beautifully Ugly People! has broken the barriers of what individuals may feel Christian fiction should portray. This is one of Michael Beckford’s best at digging deep into the heart of the situation, and letting God do the rest.

In between touring, blogging, speaking, and just engaging his readers; Michael was putting the finishing touches on the sequel to Beautifully Ugly People! which is I Am The Secret! And was released in December 2009 to great reviews and pestered the many questions of ‘what is the secret?’

I Am The Secret! Has since been the go to book for teen issues and problems. The 5000 Role Models program in Miami-Dade County took the initiative to purchase a book for each individual graduating senior. I Am The Secret! Is also herald as a must read for young adults going through their own struggles in life.

As Michael Beckford continues to travel the country promoting his books through prison ministry, church events, conferences, and other exhibits; he has learned that in order to fight, one must first beware that there is a fight. With the many successes of his books so far, at such a young age, many seek to wonder what he would be speaking up about twenty-five years from now.

Michael De’Angelo Beckford is truly a renaissance man; a man whom loves Jesus Christ. It is Michael’s vision to bring Jesus Christ in his writing to those whom don’t know him, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if one were to know who Michael Beckford is, it’s a matter of knowing who Jesus is. 

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