Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why We Must Progress From Victims to Victors

Good morning everyone. This was not a planned blog. I was reading a book (actually I'm reading it for the third time), and a thought came to me. This book is actually a finance/accounting book (which accounting is my profession), but at the same time I'm an author and an abuse survivor. Now, having said that we must help victims become victors. 

This book made a reference to people who live in a society known as the Victim Society. Many who have suffered in life will want sympathy and do need it, the catch is they want to stay a victim for the rest of their lives. What are the pitfalls if staying in the Victim Society? Well, being a victim means that someone else has control over your life. I understand you want to be free, I understand you went through, but please don't tell me you still want your abuser (or those who neglected you) to have control over your life. That's what being a victim entails. So, if we can get the word "victim" out of your vocabulary, that's a start. Now I don't want to minimize your trauma, but the mere fact that you're still alive is proof that you're a victor. What was to destroy who you are as a man or as a woman didn't permanently defeat you. So, if you don't want an abuser or someone who is waiting for your downfall to have any more control over you, declare that you are no longer a victim, you are a victor and are now responsible for the choices of your life. Your status as a victor is more threatening to those who harmed you than your status as a victim.


The Mayne Man


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    1. Praise God Sister Yvette. I didn't plan this blog :)

  2. Thank you, Tremayne. Very well said. The real victory comes when we move from being survivor to thriver which means that life is full of laughter, joy and peace because the majority of our issues have been worked through and the pain has been felt and let go of. Life is good, when we take the time to look.

  3. I loved what you said, Tremayne! You are so right? We are victors, overcomers. The past cannot hold us down. We are like athletes of the high jump. There were hurdles, but we jumped over them! And we move on triumphant!