Saturday, November 2, 2013

How We Christians Abuse Each Other

If you were to look at Christians today (to include those who say they are), we are losing all form of ethics and taking it to the point where we are abusing each other and adding Christian lingoes to abuse each other (really just leeching off each other for selfish purposes). It needs to stop and we need to grow up & mature.

So, how do we Christians abuse each other? Let me give you a great example.

Someone comes to me (and they say they are a man/woman of God) and say "can I borrow," or "can you do this for me cause I want to do something for someone." And they give you a 20 minute sermon before or after they ask if they can get some money from you.

Another area how we can abuse each other is taking advantage of a fellow brother's generosity or fellow sister's generosity (and again, adding Christian lingo such as "and may The Lord bless you."). 

When it's all said and done, they'll turn around, smile at you cause they know they just got over on you (even with the Christian colloquialisms). Yes, it can be frustrating, but know that The Lord will take care of you (so you can kind of dismiss when man says "may The Lord bless you."). Now it's not a problem to give out of your heart as He leads, but there should be a flag when people coerce you with the mindset of getting over on you (cutting corners).
We as the body of Christ need to stop abusing each other out of greed, cutting corners or just cause we don't to sit down & count the cost (and plan)!

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