Saturday, October 12, 2013

Are You Seeking Acceptance From Man or God?

I was asked by a dear friend of mine to share this with you all. I initially shared it with my inner circle when  God spoke this to my heart (around 8:30am on 10/5/13). So, here it goes.

God just revealed something to me that hit home. All of my life, I longed to be accepted. I tried getting it from my family (I got it as long as it fit their mode of operation), I tried getting it through my gifts (some would backfire). Today, I find that as long as I am accepted by Jesus is all that I need acceptance from.

For my calling (and for others with a calling this serious), rejection is expected and many sufferings will be in order. Sadly, many people don't want to bear burdens because of pride. And the sleeping church will league with those with pride issues. We have problems and don't want to share burdens. We don't share because we will face ridicule from prideful people (causing us to feel more condemned). We don't share because we'll receive a deaf ear. Apparently, we're to only need God; however, we do have to listen to their problems. Another reason we don't share is because the same people who want us to open up will be the same ones to make a spectacle out of us and to boost their righteousness over us.

Final revelation: many people will say we have to ask the wrong doer to forgive us when we were abused, neglected, almost to make us feel that we caused it. Of course, this should sound absurd, but we still inflict this on people who need a touch from God. Yes, Jesus took on things He didn't do for our sake, but we're not Jesus. Granted, I got in trouble growing up for things I didn't even do (it was all blamed on me). One thing that comes to mind is the time when one of my relatives who lived with me stole money from the money collected from my cookie sales that people ordered. It has taught me now to be very ethical with how I conduct business with others. So finding acceptance from my family was more difficult. Again, I know now that acceptance only comes from God alone. The world will view us as failures and will want us to bow down to it's acceptance.

So what is the underlying message to this: each person must look to Jesus for acceptance and to determine who you share your most intimate issues with. Not everyone who says that are for you ARE (even in the church world). As Jesus pulled away, sometimes we must do the same thing. People will want to take offense before coming to you to resolve the offense (or they'll tell you they were offended and write you off because they are holier than you). As brothers/sisters, we can't afford to live ourselves to the point that we throw fellow brothers/sisters to the wolves (as open prey to the devil). If God has called someone to something important which requires rejection and suffering, prayer & intercession is necessary (not writing them off). And for us to side with people like that is saying, I agree with writing them off. We all have our quirks, but we should always see the best in people (and not league with the devil by seeing the worst in them). If we can say death and life are in the power of the tongue, we must be truthful at all costs, but discern where a person is in their lives. It's not a one size fits all.


The Mayne Man

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