Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eviction Notice (Part 2)

This series was not planned, but I also believe this is very timely. One of my friends wanted me to write about how to get rid of those who need to be evicted (after reading the first part). Well, let's explore how evictions can come and how we can learn from this as we start evicting people and things from our lives.

One tactic is by serving them a notice (giving them a set number of days to get out). One of two groups will emerge from this type of eviction. The first group will be nonchalant and overlook the notice. They will think you're so soft and won't put your foot down. Now, once you do that, every demonic spirit will come out from within them to undermine you, your character and everything else about you. The second group will immediately flip out the moment they are served. You'll find this group will be so spiritual for their own good. In fact, if you were to record their behavior (audio or video) the minute you serve them with a notice, you will think they are either oppressed or possessed. In short: their demonic spirits will come out one way or another. What both groups fail to realize is that they did not obey the rules: pay on time and conduct yourself decently & orderly. Sometimes they get so high in their liberty, that they abuse the rules and those around you. Either way, they need to straighten up according to Biblical truth and not based on the notion "cause it's the right thing to do," or they must be evicted. One more thing must be said about these two groups. They will be the first to murmur, complain & easily get in the flesh. They really don't want to make amends; their world is all about them.

Another tactic is getting the authorities involved (banging on their door) to evict people. I'm willing to believe that whoever is evicted via to this tactic will not leave without a fight. You will hear how righteous they are, how they're doing the things of God (truthfully just wasting your time and buying themselves time). Just have the armor of God on and they (along with their demonic spirits) will leave.
A thought comes to mind, see when people waste your time, they know they have way too much time on their hands to care about your obligations, time and priorities. Again, it's all about them and this time, it's how can I manipulate these people trying to evict me. They care less about your time and want everything around them to be on their timetable (sadly, and it's not even important).

The final tactic is brutal and can get violent. Just throw them and their belongings out! If this approach is needed to evict people, please do it in the spirit of love and that it's business, never personal. Either way, the one being evicted in this manner will more & likely resort to stalking, threats & violence (sadly, it will also come from those claiming to be so holy)! 

Nobody likes getting served an eviction notice, but sometimes it's necessary to protect your identity and good name. So, one of those methods mentioned above can be used to evict people depending on the magnitude of the spirit they're carrying. You don't throw them out when they're really trying to what's right. But you do throw them out when they are truly defiant and intentionally using/abusing you! Most people being evicted love to turn a deaf ear saying, they're not talking to me until the moment of truth comes.

Again, you have been served!

The "Mayne Man"

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