Saturday, August 31, 2013

We've Fallen & Can't Get Up

During my shower this morning, I was praying (and repenting) of some things from my past. God showed me some dark areas that needed to be exposed to be set free from (mostly abandonment – when the truth of the matter is, I didn’t look to Him during my dark period in life that started in May 2011 till now), but surprisingly, He also revealed to me the hearts of some people.

  1. Many are aware that some of the people we’re following are false, but we still continue to do so (or we’ll close our ears and eyes so we don’t admit that we’re wrong). Translation: we worship the creature over the Creator.
  2. Many are allowing the economy, reputation and fame to cloud our judgment to where we follow after those who are false for that small piece of fame. Question: what profits a man to gain the world at the cost of your soul?
  3. Many are not even honest with God but more importantly, themselves as to why they deal with people. In other words, their world revolves around them and are just determined to get what they want or they will assist in crucifying you (Judas Iscariot was a prime example of this).
  4. Many just don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Plain & Simple! If we still continue to follow after those who are offended of preaching salvation, then we don’t really believe the true message of Jesus. At the same token, there will be many who will turn away when they hear that Jesus is the only way to heaven.
  5. Many of us are just downright selfish. We want things on our terms when we want it (even if it’s not the will of God for our lives). Adding on: we’ll do whatever we can to protect our position or status in the world (and even in the church world).

In the natural, it appears that we’ve fallen and can’t get up. But the truth is, we can get up, we just have to be willing to swallow and repent of our pride!

I’ll share a little of my struggle these past two years. I saw a lot of things happen to me in my personal life, and it just got to the point where I went into total depression. I knew God was there, but it felt like He was silent to me. I can count on one hand the people, who prayed for me but the majority were telling me to “get over it,” or “I don’t want to hear your prayer request, but you need to hear mine.” And asking for people to pray for others who are lost was like twisting their arm, but they would come to me asking to “pray for my sick family member.” The two positive things that came out of this depression for two years are the following:

  1. I’m still alive
  2. My novels DDBS & Pieces of Me emerged

We can get up, we just need to surrender our pride and ask God to expose those dark areas of our lives. As you can see, this was dropped on my spirit within the past 45 minutes and felt pressed to type this up. Blessings!

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