Monday, October 22, 2012

The Power of Two (Parts 1 & 2)

I started to entitle this blog It Takes Two. Some of you are either thinking about Rob Base or the version done by Marvin & Kim. I’m doing to divide this blog into two parts.

The foundational scriptures for this entire blog are as follows:
Genesis 2
Matthew 18:19-20
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Amos 3:3
Genesis 11 (mostly for Part 2)

So, let’s begin.

(Part 1 of 2)

Let me start by asking a question or two:
  1. Why did Jesus always send His disciples out two by two? He could’ve covered more ground just by sending one.
  2. Isn’t it good that God said that if only two people agree instead of fifty? Think about this, Jesus spoke and people left Him. I’m sure He knew having extra baggage would cost Him.
  3. Why was Paul always accompanied with Barnabas or Silas when he did his missions?

Understand that there’s synergy (in the natural and spiritual) when two people get together and do what God called them to do. But I’m also glad that it doesn’t take the majority (example: Joshua & Caleb). Those two were in agreement in taking the Promised Land (Numbers 13 & 14). Though they were cheated 40 years because they were part of a team (and the other 10 spies operated in fear), they still got to the Promised Land.

In the beginning, you’ll find that God created a helper for Adam. Note to the brothers: woman wasn’t created to be your domestic slave or playmate. We all must understand that a man and woman complement each other, and should NOT compete against each other. I’ll cover the house divided in Part 2.

Single people need a praying friend, and NOT someone who will take your time to include not adding value to your life (and that’s also for married people). We should have someone to agree with and not qualify everything. Married people need to learn their mate and if need be, go to God on their behalf (stand for their mate) especially is something is troubling them (so they can stay in agreement).

I’m telling you, that “I’m Every Woman” and that “I’m a Self-Made Man” spirit needs to go!
What I like about Matthew 18:19-20 and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is this: when two or three are gathered in His name, there’s also a third person in the midst (which of course is the Holy Spirit). Daniel 3 is a perfect example. When the three Hebrew boys went through the fire, there was a fourth person.

Amos 3:3 says can two walk together except they be agreed. Sadly, some try to enter into something that’s godly (and yes, I’m talking about marital relations), but it’s on their own terms (butt first). If there’s no agreement (in this case, covenant), nothing will come out that’s good. Each person is being selfish and that brings me to part 2.

(Part 2 of 2)

This part will focus on hindrances to agreement. Selfishness & division go hand-in-hand.

Isolation (comes in two ways). Intentional and unintentional (the latter is because people don’t want to bear burdens or are too selfish). I want to focus more on the unintentional because this gets overlooked. Sometimes we end up alone not by choice is because others are being selfish and only focused on their own lives and their own families and their own circle of friends. Speaking on behalf of abused victims, many of us end up alone because of selfishness which brings about division. When division settles, the devil is authorized to be involved (the selfish one is prideful and the one hurt turns to other means to self-medicate – and some turn away from church). We need to understand that no blessing will come to you when you’re being selfish. Of course, the intentional isolation is due to the person’s own sin and selfishness.

What am I saying? Well, the devil needs an agreement partner. Once we become selfish (example is giving lip service to someone hurting by saying “oh, get over it,” or “I’ll pray for you [from afar]” without stopping what you’re doing to come alongside – and yes, there needs to be a balance), we’re giving the devil (the father of division) something to work with. Selfishness does not bring agreement. Where there’s envy and strife, there’s confusion and every evil work.

Tell me something (a little off subject): if we can’t show love to a hurting soul, how will they see Jesus? And this is what the enemy breeds on. Sadly, we’re preying on each other out of frustration and despair (no need for the devil to divide us, we’re doing a good job doing it ourselves). Another note, God didn’t create this division, we did.

In order to stop the division, we have to be sensitive to each other so we can agree. If I can’t reach out to a brother/sister, I’m no good for the Lord. Another passage said if a house is divided, it can’t stand. If my house is divided and I come into church without dealing with the division in the house, I’m infecting the church with my division. When there’s division in the church, selfishness is inevitable and folks with gifts who visit a church are turned off due to the division. I said earlier that when there’s envy and strife, there’s confusion. When it’s festered in the church, gifts are lost or the church will become very prideful and state that gifts are only for the church. And then we start bashing other churches creating more chaos. If a church is in agreement, then the gifts that each person has can truly be manifested in the local church as well as the world for His glory.

And of course, I can’t wrap this up without covering Genesis 11. Those working on the Tower of Babel were in agreement (but also in rebellion). And you’ll find that good agreement is about to meet bad agreement. Good agreement went down and confounded their language.

(In Closing)
There’s power when you yoke up with someone full of the power of God. It’s serious when two people partner to do what God called them to do (each fulfilling the other’s purpose). There’s no selfishness or division when the power of two is at work! If we can agree on the things of God, we can truly change world for His glory!

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