Monday, July 11, 2011

Never Give Up (The Almighty Will Never Give Up On You)

From time to time, I will have special guests writing columns for my blog. With that said, this post is written by my sister & fellow author Nedra M. White. What she has to say is dedicated to the ladies. Be blessed.

Gracie's Journey Out Of Darkness:
It's my testimony that I never gave up on finding my birth family, and God gave me the strength to keep living. Things didn't happen in my time, it was in His divine time. I can only speak of my journey to you that even in my darkest, darkest hour, only God could save me.
When you go through circumstances in life you have no control of at a young age and make decisions that you have no knowledge of the consequences, it's hard.
My life started out being taken from my birth mother and separation from my siblings, knowing this at the age of seven can be horrific. I was placed in a foster home that was a den of hell. If God hadn't been by my side, I would not have made it out of that den.
Every step from then on, he was by my side.  Having a child at the age of 15, and continuing to have 4 more children kept me from insanity. God's plan works and not my plan (and I can truly say, "in mysterious ways.") While feeling sorry for myself at times, drinking and thoughts of suicide, who do you think got me through my darkest hour?
Through the heartache of wondering where was my Mother, looking in the mirror for my identity, and searching for my siblings; it was more than any child or even a grown person should have to bare.  My message when it's all said and done is this: God will lift you up, give Him the glory and the praise, because without Him, it is then you will be lost to the point of no return.
Ladies, I ask you to believe no matter what mistakes you have made, other situations you have no control of, put the Almighty in control of your life, put Him first. I am living proof, to say He saved me from myself and He will and can do the same for you, and I am Thankful to him.....Amen

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