Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Is It (Really) Not About Us? (Round 2)

Happy 2020, first and foremost. I know I have been off the grid for almost two years. I can truly say my life is changed for the best. I married the love of my life at the end of 2018 and I just finished Bible School in June. So I’m back, and I intend to close the Will You Be Made Whole Series and prepare to start my Philly Soul blog Series.


Eight years ago, I wrote a blogpost addressing how we are singing Now About Us, and in actually, we are lying to ourselves when it’s really about us. If you want to preview this blogpost before you continue reading this blogpost, feel free to do so right here.


I’ve been posting for about a week or two about this concept of division. Unfortunately, not too much has changed since I wrote what I did eight years ago. You know, I could talk about yesterday’s Presidential Debate, and why candidates believe what they believe and why they didn’t do this or that, what fruit would be gained out it? None! Do I deny that things were said or unsaid? No, is it important? As a believer, not really as I am not of the world. So, the question you may be asking is: am I voting? Yes, I am voting. I am seeking God’s guidance and not my own understanding. More to be said on the political climate in a moment.


One of the things that has concerned me since the summer is the fact that there are two civil wars brewing, which would literally destroy the AA (African-American) community if we are not watchful and prayerful (which I can see very little based on what I see on social media). There’s a saying, a house divided can’t stand. Many see the first one, a racial war. Am I speaking for it to happen? Absolutely not! What many don’t know is that this civil war is probably happening now, and regardless (and I repeat, regardless) of who wins this election, it will manifest itself. Again, am I speaking for this to happen. No! What I don’t understand is the violence – it’s saying to me that we’re acting like grown children that haven’t matured (if you don’t give me what I want, when I want it – then I’m going to throw a tantrum). Now I’ll say what is the root cause in a moment (and how we as believers miss the whole concept – maybe some people were sleeping during the movie War Room). This next war that I’m about to describe could literally mean the destruction of the AA community. This war is between black liberals and black conservatives. It’s going on right now. One group hates the other and mindsets have become if you don’t agree with my viewpoint, then you can delete me or I will block you. Has it really become: if you don’t agree with my views, then we are divided and we can’t be friends any longer? Well, I find it interesting that Dr. Bernice King (a liberal) and Dr. Alveda King (a conservative) disagree on politics, but the love they have for each other is genuine. Maybe we should take a lesson on this type of unity.


I mentioned that I would say what is the root cause of these wars, it’s the devil. Ephesians 6 speaks about warring against flesh and blood, but if you remember in War Room, Miss Clara talked about fighting the wrong enemy and because we’re fighting flesh and blood, the devil is staying hidden. Now have we forgotten this part in the Bible and how Jesus said to pray for your enemies (and if you won’t forgive, don’t be expected to be forgiven). Sadly, I’ve known people to say, I will not pray for people because I don’t like them. Wow, and this is out of the mouth of people professing to be Christians. 


Now about this political climate, I do have some concerns as it pertains to my spiritual beliefs. Now, when someone in the world says that they “become very intimate with the spirits we call on regularly,” and they are allegedly representing my race, it raises a question not so much about my race, but more my spiritual beliefs. The only spirit I want to call on is Holy Spirit. If something is involved in witchcraft, then a believer should have no parts in it. This article is very telling:


What we are failing to understanding is that if we continue to live our lives about us and be angry with things that don’t pertain to your spiritual walk, deception is lurking around your corner and sadly, you’ve been distracted by the world. The world is going to do its own thing, and it’s trying to suck you into its drama. And as I said 20 years ago, if the world is crying racist, and you as a believer are called to freedom, what are you subjecting yourself to? And if we as the body of Christ can’t walk in unity and put these petty differences assigned, then we have no right to sing “It’s Not About Us,” because it’s a lie!


Oh, to Jesus, all lives matter. My life matters, and so does yours. The devil is using this violence to further separate the races, and sadly many are focusing more on the world and their philosophy and not the call to unity that God is calling for. Oh yes, we want that commanded blessing from God, but we don’t want to walk in unity. Why, because personal preferences have taken over what God is commanded us to do (according to 1 Timothy 2). Love (agape) isn’t even a thought because we have taken the mindset of Drake, being “in our feelings.” Dr. King said love conquers hate. So to be angry and not pray, shows hate. There is no middle ground.


This is a wake up call, and yes The Isley Brothers slightly prophesied it 45 years ago when they recorded Harvest For The World (which has been my favorite song from them since childhood and it still is to this day). This world is perhaps reaping its harvest. We must get back to living/walking by faith (it’s no longer an option for us as believers), and if you don’t understand faith (or if you believe your faith is not operating as it should), it’s time to get it developed (or grow up in it). Too many people are being picked off by the devil, and this is why we have casualties. 


Until then, blessings and walk in faith and love.


The Mayne Man

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